Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kim Clijsters Defeats Venus Williams

RR here -

WTF? We are a little behind... and just watching the Venus-Clijsters match. Kimmy gets the bagel and it's like, oh wow, look at her. Then Venus bagels back and it's like, what? What is happening here? You people are weird. So far the 3rd set is more like a normal set, closer. Wait Clijsters just got an early break in the 3rd.

P just noted how Kimmy fiercely not looks on the changeovers. like, fiercely stares not at Venus - at nothing in fact. She seems fiercer. Motherhood has made her fiercer? It's possible -she is defending her cub against a predator! In this case, Venus Williams. Who wishes to devour her cub. Because such is the harsh law of nature.

So is this going to be a match or what? P missed the second set washing her face. It was about 9 minutes. Now Kimmy is rolling, perhaps? This is a very weird match.

So yes we are behind, nobody say anything about what happens. Especially you folks on Facebook - please, don't discuss, allude to, indicate, or otherwise reveal in any way the results of matches until at least 72 hours after they are done! This is the Tivo age people!

The 3rd set is more like normal tennis. Rooting for Kim becuase of the comeback thing. I would also like to see Henin come back - it's just always interesting. The last couple of big comebacks have ended not because of tennis, but for other reasons. Davenport seemed to lose interest and decided to have another kid, and Hingis had the coke controversy and was (seemingly) like, "screw you tennis world". So will Kimmy stay with it or?

Wow! Kim won it! Feel bad for Venus, but happy fo Kim. Even she said it was a weird match. It was. Anyway GO KIM!

RR out

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