Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Had a Dream About Rafa Last Night

Which is funny, because I have had mostly Verdasco, Lopez, Moya, Gasquet, etc.. on my mind. The dudes I saw in Toronto. And I didn't see Rafa. And I haven't watched the Rafa v. Gasquet match yet. (Its taped though!)

The dream goes like this: I was on some island, on a beach with another girl, a friend, and it was sunny and the water was beautiful and there was Rafa! In board shorts! And, as sometimes dreams can be tricky this way, it was really Rafa, not someone else. You know how you can dream it's "Rafa", but really, it's, like, your neighbor? Cause dreams don't make sense? Well, this was Rafa, except he spoke English really well, which isn't true to life, of course. And he said, I've never had a girlfried. And I said, I saw you with your girlfriend in US Magazine! (Which is true.) And he said, I've never had an American girlfriend. And I said, Oooh. Then, somehow, Rafa and I are in a bed that is, like, in the middle of some outdoor shopping area or something. We are under the covers. It's very exciting, but there are people milling about the shopping area. He has a beautiful, hairless stomach. Then, Cheesewad jumps on the bed. Sort of like how Cheesewad jumps on the bed here at home from time to time. Also, wierdly, Cheesewad has mosquito bites all over his back. Then Rockytoad comes in, as he is known to do as well here at home. So now, it's not so exciting, it's just like Rafa and I are hanging with my kids. But I try to get them to go play video games or something. THEN Rafa's coach comes over and starts giving him lip service about not doing what he was about to do! But it wasn't Rafa's real coach, Uncle Tony, or Roig, the other guy. It was a dream person, not a real person. At this point, Rafa is standing up and no longer in bed with me. Then this writer I know and don't really like came to buy towels! I decide to get up and put a shirt on, or buy a shirt, since I don't have one on. Then, in real life, the phone rang and woke me up.

Yours Truly,

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