Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, October 31, 2008

Tsonga DEFEATS Roddick

That was a fun match. But it's halloween, and I was sort of busy and didn't get to watch it with much attention. Perhaps my brain was overheated from all the other tennis. TENNIS! HALLOWEEN! NALBANDIAN! SEMIS TOMORROW!

Yours Truly,

Nalbandian defeats Murray

Nalbandian against Murray! AG! The quarters! Woohoo! I don't say this often, but I have said it to myself before, and perhaps not shared it here. Or maybe I have. But I watched too much tennis yesterday. Now, one can also argue there is no such thing as watching too much tennis. But what happens is (and I think Rick Rock talked about this once more amusingly than me) - all the matches start blurring together. But maybe that's not the tennis's fault, but the vodka's fault? Hmm. Or the combination.

Nalbandian looks so handsome. I love his yellow Yonex shirt. See, and Murray (not a favorite here) has the decency to make eye contact at the net here, during the coin toss. Unlike the immature Del Potro.

Nalby breaks, Murray tosses a raquet. Murray breaks back. Waah.

Wow. Fantastic point won by my man. He covered so much ground, played such great defense, and then won with a dropper. NICE. But then, what does he do? Doube faults. Maybe he was tired after that last point.

Tiebreak time. If I don't eat something soon, I may faint. But it's a tiebreak! Minibreak for Nalby. They keep showing the concerned, very pretty face, of Murray's ladyfriend. Be concerned, ladyfriend. My intense love for Nalby is somehow being channeled toward Nalby and helping him win. Yeah, I'm not there like you, offering my concerned face to my man. But my vibes are so strong and powerful and, like, move through the universe, and land right in Nalby's heart. I love it- Murray's talking to himself. Yes, talk to yourself. Berate yourself. Get all grumpy. Murray can really be mentally not-tough. Nalby has a set point. Oops. Didn't do it. Now he did! YEAH!

Second Set. Up a break. Man, I need something to make me happy today. Please Nalby, pull this off. For me? Cause I've had a tough week. And today is halloween which my boys love, but is stressful for me. You see, we live in a neighborhood where some teenagers can be very very rude on Halloween. And I saw this skit once on Saturday Night Live about some woman in the Bronx talking about grown-ups with no costumes ringing her bell and asking for candy. Now, in the skit, everyone laughs at that. The audience laughs. But I didn't laugh. It happens in my hood. And it's not funny. It's sort of awful. And a bit infuriating.

But I digress. Nalby is up a break here! I am so happy. I'm not going to worry about mean teens and inappropriate grown-ups.

Nalby is having trouble serving it out. Thank God he has two breaks. I will bet some small change that he has better luck breaking Murray rather than serve it out? There goes it. He done got broken. Effing F. Nalby is playing well here, though. Good. Match point. Damn, Nalby played that last point well. OH YES! What a point. Did you see how great Nalby was at the net? SUCH A GENTLEMAN. Man, I am so glad that all my love shooting through the universe to Nalby's gorgeous soul worked.

Yours Truly,

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nadal versus Monfils

I love Monfil's hair. I love his biceps, too. I also love Nadal. This is fun, watching this match.

Yours Truly,

Blake beats Kohlschreiber

What was up with the limp-wristed fake ass handshake?

Yours Truly,

Tsonga defeats Djokovic

It is the beginning of set three. I have no problem with Tsonga's, or anyone's, leg rub. Being a professional athlete is very bad for one's health, ironically, because professional athletes are also in great shape, you know? But man, they wear their bodies down. I am not a professional athlete. But just this week, my hip flexor pain, which I've been experiencing for a few weeks, got worse. And last week, I threw out my shoulder. Also, hip flexor and shoulder? Same side of the body. Also, on that side, my knee had been bothering me. I am not a professional athlete, but I am a gym rat. And, I get these niggling injuries, cause I work out too much. So, man, get a rub! Right?

Which reminds me of Agassi. All those cortisone shots and his almost inability to move at the end of his career? That really bummed me out. I mean, I don't want to see him in a wheelchair at 42 years old, you know?

Anyway, Tsonga is feeling much better here at the beginning of the third set. I sort of love seesawing sets- where one wins easily, then loses the next set easily, and then- you know, it's tough. Three sets? Five sets is even more exciting. I love how complicated mentally and physically tennis can be. Tsonga is up a break here. See? After going down 1/6 in the last set.

Oh yes, great third set. It really looks like Tsonga is going to pull this out. He's hitting so well. He just slammed a return that was UNBELIEVABLE. Djokovic managed to hold. So now, let's see if Tsonga can manage to serve it out. HE DID IT! Great tennis. Great handshake. Nice sportsmanship. Great match. Aaaah. Love it.

Yours Truly,

Andy Roddick defeats Giles Simon

Well, the crowd support that helped Simon against Andreev is not helping him against Roddick on this fast court. But hey, it's only the first set. I have not given up yet. We call Simon the "pipsqeak", because he weighs, like, 132 pounds. Anyway, I want the pipsqueak to win.

Well, I guess it doesn't matter what I want, does it? That said, if Nalby gets to beat an exhausted Del Potro, perhaps it doesn't matter if all of my other picks and desires and so on, go unanswered. You know? Like, I'm grateful. Really.

Yours Truly,

Nalbandian Defeats Del Potro, Paris Masters 2008

I am so happy Nalby beat Del Potro last week in Basel. Watching Nalby lose in Madrid was a bad day for me. And remember how I blogged how there was no love lost between these two, according to the announcers, and witnessed by me when Del Potro went STRAIGHT at my love-of-my-life? And hit him? The commentators in Madrid stated that Del Potro wouldn't look at Nalby during the coin toss. So you know what? I paid special attention to the coin toss just now. Del Potro did not- WOULD not- make eye contact. And you know what? There was Nalby, looking straight at his Davis Cup teammate, and honestly, I think Nalby looked forlorn. Like, what is the problem? Why are we not friends?

I say this cause Nalby is such good friends and has such great sportmanlike relationships with so many of the players- Ferrer, Ferrero, Moya, Nadal, an so on. Honestly, I think this is a sign of Del Potro's youth. Nadal even- the wonderful Nadal- did some stuff when he was eighteen that he doesn't do anymore, like take injury time out when the other dude has a break point against him. He grew up.

Anyway, Nalby is up a break here. And I guess what I am saying is that these two wonderful Argentine guys were friendlier.

Also, Nalby's raquet that I demoed? I didn't buy it. I wonder if Nalby tricks his out. I found it a bit light. I bet he lead tapes it. I hear all the pros trick out thier raquet. I bought Feli Lopez's Wilson. It's a lot heavier than my old Wilson. I hope my arm can handle it, cause it gets nice pop.


Nalbandian Wins the First Set! With an ace, no less. This is a pretty subdued match, after Tsonga's freaking-out last night. But, man, it's my Nalby.

Oh yes, this second set is going quickly. I feel that Del Potro is burned out, and possibly, his toe injury is really truly affecting his play. Man, getting toenails removed? That's what they say is going to happen. Gross. Tennis players' feet? Gross. I hate it when they do a close up on their feet. I try to look away.

Good Lord, the dreaded bagel. Del Potro looked exhausted. And Nalby at the net? So kind, so wonderful. I worship him. Really. I have a shrine with a candle.

Yours Truly,

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Battle of the Baldies

The Nadal v. Serra was just - uh- quick.

Now, they are showing Ljubicic versus Davydenko. I like Luby, as we affectionately call him here. I don't have anything against Davy, as we affectionately call him here, either. (Although I have a perhaps stupid suspicion that his brother, Eduard, was the one at fault during that betting scandal.)

Davy won. Hmm. Not sure if I care one way or the other? Maybe I sort of wanted Luby to win.

Yours Truly,

Nalbandian Defeats Kiefer !!!!

If Nalbandian looses to this chowderhead I'm gonna be furious.
It is 4 all in the first here. Please, God of Argentines and the world, let Nalby win.

Thank you, God of Argentines, for showing your hand and letting Nalby win the first set. I understand if you make him lose the second- he is a very frustrating man and may need to be punished- but please, if you do have him lose the second, please God, let him win the third.

Oh my GOD! Nalbandian didn't even have to drop a set. He is my hero today.

Yours Truly,

The Dejected Baby versus McCain's Secret Love Child

Rick Rock was out of his MIND last night. Whoah.

Now, I'm trying to have a tennis nap, but I am so annoyed with Feli slumping around the court like someone took his cookie. I love the man, and would gladly cut off my left pinkie finger to touch his body, but he's being a big baby right now. Man up, Feli! For God' s sake.

And my title here says everything I want to say about Roddick.

Off to nap, or try to, again.

I had a gorgeous 45 minute nap. Thank you tennis, for being so soothing.

Yours Truly,

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pussy Battle

Rick Rock here:

We are watching Roddick and Feli and... it's a pussy Battle! Like, who gets more pussy. Roddick is like, Me. and F-lo is like, not me. (Feli gets more.)
In reality, that is not the point. For there is pussy, and then there is pussy, my friends. Quantity is not the whole story. And F-Lo is surely netting the finest.

Rick Rock is DRUNK.

Stepanek defeats Giquel

Here is something I wrote about earlier- Stepanek is not nearly as unattractive in person as he is in real life. Really. I walked by him on more than one occasion in Canada. He's actually somewhat attractive-no, he is attractive. It doesn't come across on the TV. Go figure.

Yours Truly,

Del Potro defeats Ancic

This is the match I've been waiting for. I wonder if Del Potro is going to crush Ancic. Now, Ancic can play tennis, but he hasn't been playing to his best ability lately. Anyway, two REALLY tall dudes. Ancic, walking out, his face all unshaven and his hair all mussed- damn. He's very, very attractive. He's a Croat, which like the Serbs, mean they really are Greeks that went mountain climbing and didn't come back. Hence- dark haired and sort of easy going. Also, both these guys are Catholic and blow kisses to God and wear crosses and I love that about both of them. Really. I do.

What is up with the bagels? I mean, it's after 6pm, I have a martini sitting next to me, and people are serving up breakfast. Boo. That's what I say. I hate bagels. In tennis. At breakfast- pretty tasty, but I am more of an english muffin person, or banana, or if going to the gym, Cliff bar. So there you have it. Oh, and on Saturdays and Sundays? BACON. Like, six pieces. Bacon and I have a special relationship.

Del Potro won. Did you know that Ancic got a law degree lately? Anyway, Del Potro is sooo on a roll. I joined a facebook group about him. Great handshake between these two wonderful young me. And, did you see Del Potro do the sign of the cross. God bless.

Yours Truly,

Monfils defeats Monaco

I think Monfils should win this easily, but then again, I would have said the same for Safin and I would have been wrong in the way of the BAGEL. Speaking of bagels, they are just showing that the last time these two played Monaco bageled Monfils! Whoah! It was on clay, and clay is Monaco's best surface.

Rasheed is Monfil's new coach. I find him hard to look at. When Rasheed and Hewitt were together? It was like doubley hard to look at either or them. Those two multiplied their obnxiousness together. Something just really smug comes steaming off Mr. Rasheed. Smug turd steam.


Monfils took the first set. Monaco looks nice in green. As everyone here knows, I have a thing or two for Spanish and South American dudes. In fact, I want to find this one post I wrote and stick on the side, where I sort of go deeply into why. But Monfils is a very handsome professional athelete. I find him attractive, too. Also, I sort of want him to win in his hometown, you know? Looks like he might do it.

He did it! Nice.

Now they are showing Kohlshreiber beating up on Youzhny. I would rather have Youzhny win- he's cute. Oh well. They are playing on the back courts, which are not very nice, just like the back courts of Madrid. But the ball sounds really good whacking around- indoor tennis has such clean striking and clean sounds.

Yours Truly,

Monday, October 27, 2008

Marat Safin has Lost his Mind

OK, the beginning of the second set here but OH MY GOD! Safin got bageled in the first set? By famously no-underwear-wearing hottie Argentine, Monaco? Honestly, all of the earlier matches rolled by while I - spaced out. No one was hot enough for me today to actually pay attention. These guys? Safin? Monaco???!!! SMOKING.

And yet the tennis they are playing is deeply confusing. I guess, sometimes, it take awhile to wake up. For instance, today, it took me AGES to wake up. Like, I wasn't really awake until 2pm. So, perhaps, Safin was, you know, basically asleep there for awhile. Yes, I think so. I relate.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Murray Defeats Simon

After the Simon/Nadal match, this was a snoozer. They both seemed to be hitting so carefully. Nerves, I guess. Also, I was not in party mode at all, so I sort half-assed watched it. I was so tired from my big Simon/Nadal party! I guess it's a big deal because, like, no other English dude has won two Masters? And now Murray has? I think that is so. I wanted skinny Simon to win. But there was a nice handshake. Alright, off to scoop the cat litter.

Yours Truly,

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Simon Defeats Nadal

HOLY CRAP! Rick Rock said that already. Last night, I was in tennis heaven watching that match. It was one of the best matches I've seen in quite some time. Unbelievablely fun time staying up late watching that match. Of course, I feel like shit now from a late, booze and smoke filled night. Screaming at the TV. Fun, fun, fun-- now, Ug. Tonight, Sunday night, there is no party happening. Early bed. BUT- I get to watch the final when they replay it Oh my. Maybe just a tiny party.

I hope Simon beats Murray. Murray cursed out the ball kids in Binghamton four years ago- I think it was four years ago- and I'm still angry at him for that.

Yours Truly,

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rafa Vs Simon - holy crap! Not over but Simon won the second.

Rick Rock here -

Wow - Simon, after failing to serve out the second set on his first try succeeded on his second! Simon is a pipsqueek b y professional athlete standards - he looks like Joaquin Phoenix left too long in the dryer and shrunk up a bit. But he's good at tennis! It;s kind of neat - another guy who makes the most of his gifts Across from Nadal, he looks comical, but he is holding his own.

The ball girls are really hot. The ball girls are really hot. Did I say that already?

Paula and I played today in Binghamton, New York - about 2k feet above sea level, indoors, very fast, not unlike the conditions in Madrid, so we are having a little extra appreciation for the play today. Just clean, hard hitting tennis - no sun, no wind, kind of brings out the best in everyone.

We are demoing new racquets - I am trying the Head Extreme Pro, used by Gasquet, (beaten by Nadal just a bit ago), also Ljubicic, Youzhny - all one-handed backhands. I am digging it.

Mmmm.... the ball girls!

This is turning into a real battle between Rafa and Simon. Last year was so special because of the amazing performance of Nalbandian, but this has been a great tournament. Paula has been, someday we are all going to go. The Fed-Murray match was great - hard fought, close,and Murray coming through, to general disappointment in the household. We are not crazy about Murray but to see another real challenger to the top 3 emerge, is interesting.

More when the match is done - we love the indoor season...

Rick Rock

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Quarterfinals of The Madrid Masters 2008

Today was a day when I should have watched tennis- there are only four matches?! - but I was really out of it and hungover and distracted. Also, I think I was a little sad inside still about Nalby's loss to Del Potro.

Right now, I am watching Nadal v. F-Lo. Nadal took the first set, and it is the beginning of the second. This is the best surface for Feli - fast surfaces are really his thing -- but Nadal is too tough.

Soon, I will be driving upstate. We are taking the kittens with us-- last time we did that, it was fun. The big old cats hate to travel- our trusted cat sitter will take care of them for a couple of days.

Right now, what is freaking me out, is Nadal's amazing concentration. He, like Fed, is so inside of his own head. Nothing rattles him. Feli, on the other hand, you could see worrying about, like, how his hair looks. Anyway, maybe that's not fair, but what I really mean to say is, most people- me, for instance- -do not have that insane concentration. Nadal IS focus. It's cool to watch. Also, these dudes? Good friends. I've seen them out for dinner in Canada (with Ferrer and some others...)

Yours Truly,

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Del Potro defeats Nalbandian

I was having a really nice tennis nap during the Simon v. Ginepri affair ( I don't know who won yet) and when I woke, Nalbandian, my hero, was playing Del Potro.

Now, I know that Del Potro can beat Nalbandian. But I also know that Nalbandian can beat anybody on a good day. So, in my raquet bracket, I picked Nalby.

And here he is, down a set and a break. These guys are Davis Cup teammates. The Spanish and Argentine tend to be close, friendly. (Except for Coria, supposedly, who no one could deal with, but that could be a lie.) But according to the announcers, these two are not friends. And I saw Del Potro NAIL Nalby at the net- went right at him. This is legit play, of course, but Nalby gave him a bit of a look afterward. And then the announcers mentioned that Del Potro wouldn't even LOOK at Nalby during the coin toss.

Now, I don't care if they like each other or not. I just want my long nosed, close-set eye, love of my life, to win, like I know he can, even though he is down a set and a break. Sigh.

Oh, poo. And they didn't show the handshake. They only showed the tale end of it- it looked OK? I like the way Del Potro thanks God- blows a kiss the heaven and/makes the sign of the cross. But beyond my raquet bracket being totally screwed beyond all repair, I am so sad for my guy. My guy! He lost. Waaaah.

Yours Truly,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lopez Defeats Ferrer

Ok. Two Spaniards. I love them both. I'm smashed. I just watched the debate, that is my excuse. But I cannot for the life of me, remember who I picked. If I look at the ATP site, then I ruin my watching this. Go Spain?

Tie break in the second here, Lopez versus his buddy Ferrer. By the way, they brought out the gorgeous girls for these guys. YEAH! Go Lopez. I love both these guys.

Yours Truly,

Djokovic v. Hanescu

OK. I watched the debate, while following blogs on the debate. But I have Nole getting to the final. So why is Hanescu giving him so much trouble? Also, I just saw a ball-girl that looked NOTHING like the ball-girls during Nadal's match. Wierd. She was, honestly, very overweight. This is wierd. Someone share with me their opinions on this.

OK, Hanescu retired? What? Well, my ATP picks are happy, but I am confused.

Yours Truly,

Lopez v. Montanes and Many More Matches and NALBANDIAN WINS!!

Montanes looks like- Freddie Mercury!!! Right? I mean, he's a dead ringer for the fantastic, late lead singer of Queen. And then there is Feli Lopez, F-Lo, Feli, the poster boy for metrosexuals everywhere, a pretty boy who manages to not lose one ounce of his macho Spanishness while being so pretty. Damn, I'm just sitting here with my mouth wide open, bewildered by the fineness of Feli. Anyone know anything about Joma, his clothing line? I heard something about it, but I forgot.

OK, skip ahead to- Granollers losing to Tsonga. Man, that was a tough third set.

AND NOW!!!!----Nalbandian has to beat Berdych- he has so many points to defend! I played with his raquet today. I'm demoing his Yonex. Sigh. I love him.

Every time my huge ass TV screen gets close up to Nalby's face--it's just so intense and real and feeling--I get super happy. I also clench up, oddly, with all this emotion. I love his close set eyes, his huge nose. I will be frank- I most likely will not buy his Yonex raquet.

I feel like one of my cats peed on my chest. Where is it? The pee? We bought this blue-light urine finder thing on Amazon. I'll let you know how that goes. I also got a prescription for kitty prozac but my vet wasn't optimistic about that helping with the peeing. He said, "read whatever you want online..I would know." I sort of believe him. But I'll try anything.

Well, Berdych took the second set. But man, did Nalby come out firing in the third. He just missed a shot here in the third game and said "puta madre" which is a very nasty curse in Spanish. I wanted him to win it in 2- but that would be very un -Davidy! He likes to suffer, and I like to suffer alongside him.

All David now. Oh YES! That final winner? Nice handshake. David always gets the nice handshake- or almost always. Man, I am so happy. Maybe I'll go post on the Nalbandian facebook group, you know, share the joy.

Yours Truly,

Bouncing Large Breasts at the Madrid Masters

I'm watching the night match between Gulbis and Nadal- a great match- but all I can focus on are the "ball girls/models" gorgeous, full, young breasts bouncing on my TV screen.

Yours Truly,

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day Two of the Madrid Masters

I sit now in front of 8 taped hours of tennis and feel overwhelmed. I think I need a tennis nap, a wonderful, fuzzy, happy thing, that can be read about here:

Someone posted on my Fernando Verdasco fan group on facebook, "Is Nando going out with Ana Ivanovic?" Anyone with news on that, I'd love to hear from you.

Oh Man, Matthieu lost and I had him winning. Monfils won, which is great. Granollers is no joke, the man who beat Matthieu and this is the problem with the Masters: the dudes who qualify are usually really great players. It's because it's so much smaller than the Grand Slams. So I always stick one "quali" win at least in my picks. I do that during the slams, too, because it has to happen at least once during the over 100 matches played. Just a little insight into how I make my picks on the ATP site. Remember when I was NUMBER ONE??!! And then I wasn't.

MOYA v. Kohlschreiber!! I heart MOYA. Maybe I won't nap. Hmm. We'll see.

Well, that was quick. Moya looked postively ashamed. Man, I wish I could be there to make him feel better. He's so insanely gorgeous I could die thinking about it.

And then Blake going down to Simon? My raquet bracket is a mess.

Now, we have the aforementioned Verdasco playing Cilic, Please, God, the same God that made an Argentina/Spain Davis Cup final, please make Verdasco win. And I like Cilic, but still.

(Soon to come! A lengthy, descriptive review of the ATP Calendar and the various naked chests in it. )

WHAT THE F???!!!
Verdasco lost so quickly. Good lord. Barftastic. Cilic is no joke -- soon to be a top tenner-- but still. Bad day for Spain. I'm just full on sad. That's all there is to say about that.

Now, here is something wierd. My husband just explained to me that a man like Verdasco would not go out with "an Ana Ivanovic". To which I replied, "What? You mean she's not hot enough for him? She's beautiful!" And then he did this secret male, nod-his-head thing. I mean, I beg to differ. When Moya was going out with Pennetta, which went on for years, my husband never said boo about that. So I am confused. For some reason, I got wierded out.

Murray vx. Bolelli.
I think this is gonna be a quick one.

Also, my house smells like cat pee. Today, I took Jake to the vet. I want to put him on cat prozac, which I have read about online, to make him stop peeing everwhere. My vet gave me a prescription but warned me it doesn't help at all for many cats. Then we looked at X-rays that he took of Toby in August when I was in Alaska. Man, that stressed me out. But I sit here, with Toby very happy next to me. Yes, he is old and frail, like Jake (although Jake is hefty and Toby has been losing weight), but he does not seem in pain, even though he has some wierd thing next to, or attached to, his heart. OK, that made me sad. It might just be a wierd fat pocket, that's what the vet said. Anyway.

Quick is one thing, but a bagel? I hate bagels. Once, I liked one bagel in all my life- Davenport bagelling Sharapova at the year end championships. But otherwise, I hate bagels. I look away, disturbed and unhappy.

Ok, we have Bolelli retiring here. Where is the good match??!! HELP! My brain hurts.

Yours Truly,

Monday, October 13, 2008

The First Day of the Madrid Masters, 2008

Darcis v. Fish. Did Darcis qualify to play Fish? I think I would have picked Darcis over Fish and I would have been wrong, but I think it was just a blank "quali" on the sheet, so I picked Fish. I am washing sheets that were forgotten about, wet, in a washing machine, for two weeks. It's not pleasant. Also, I wish Fish would just close this out, so maybe some hot Spanish guy would come out and play and cheer me up. For some reason, I need cheering up today. It's not just the sheets, either. Hmm.

Bolelli v. Almagro. Thanks Fish, for getting your scraggly mug off the telly and letting the bull-like Almagro grace the screen. This should be a good match. I'm running the sheets through another cycle- they had brown stuff on them. I think it was mildew. I do think of Almagro as a clay courter and this is a very fast indoor hard court. Just seeing the stadium makes me all gooey and sad. I loved my weekend there, four years ago? I think it was four years ago. It's a lovely indoor stadium, the main court. (The other ones are not so great). The food is fantastic. The audience claps for winners, even for the opponent of their Spaniards (although there was that scandalous Nadal v. Berdych match...I think it can get partisan, but I'm speaking from my experience there years ago.)

Well, that was quick. Wow. Bummer. Bolelli beat him pretty handily there in the second set.

Now we have Andreev- who I think has the most fantastic spinny forehand next to Nadal- vs. Simon, who is no joke. Andreev is an honorary Spaniard- he studied tennis in Spain, speaks Spanish fluently, and I've seen him hanging out with Ferrer and others during my yearly Canada sojourns. I'm hoping for Andreev here, and so far, my hopes are being met.

Well, that second set was what the F? Here's goes the third. Come on Andreev! Pretty sleepy atmosphere there. Too bad I'm not there, drinking Spanish beer, singin "Ole, Ole', ole..."and causing scandal.

I like this tight third set. I do wish the TV did just a bit of justice to Andreev's crazy ass forehand. It does not. It is one of the wierdest, truly unconventional shots I've seen live. They are in a tie break. This is good. Andreev just hit a winner for a mini-break. Well, there goes that. That's why they call it mini. It's a tiny thing that can go away easily. Man, Andreev just STEPS IN. It's such a cool thing to see. Oops. But he missed that one. Oh, man, these last few points. Finally -I feel ENGAGED. 7/7 in the third set tiebreak. Love it. Napolean vs. The Tsars..oh wait, I mean a Frenchman vs. a Russian. Anyone read War and Peace? It was about Napolean and Russia. It is my favorite book in the world.

Oh, poo. Andreev lost. I'm going to go sulk and do housework for a bit.

Yours Truly,

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jankovic Wins the Kremlin Cup 2008

I am so impressed with JJ's TWELVE MATCH WIN STREAK! Unlike her fellow compatriot, she's not feeling crushed- at this moment- by the pressure of being Number One. Her win over Zvonareva (who's win over Safina was very impressive) was just great tennis. Comprehensive is the word that comes to mind.

Right now, I'm watching ATP tennis news regarding Berdych v. Del Potro (after Berdych beat Roddick in the semi) in the Japan final. Now, I filled out my picks for next week in Madrid, and I have Del Potro going realling far. Understandably. But WOW- Berdych. He's a bit hot and cold with his wins. He's an incredible athelete- he's reeeeaally hot- and tall and hard hitting and so on and so forth. But this is a big win for him. He's not been doing so well lately. Let's see if this win will give him confidence---- in MADRID! I am so excited about Madrid. I went one year. It's such a great end of the year Masters event in such a great city. And how fun to start the indoor hard court season- for me too! I played outside today, maybe for the last weekend. We'll see.

I have Djokovic beating Nalby in the final. Lord. I think Rick Rock has Del Potro and Nadal in the final.

Yours Truly,

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kremlin Cup Semifinals 2008

Rick Rock here:

So we are demoing racquets at the moment, and one of them is Leni's Yonex! Also the very same racquet Nalbandian uses, so needless to say Paula is excited to have it in the house. She hasn't had a chance to try it yet - tomorrow.

We missed the first set in which Leni bageled JJ - so we just saw the conclusion, in which JJ methodically dismantled Leni. Unbelievable defense, coupled with consistent depth and careful but effective approaching - very impressive. JJ has gotten a lot of flack for being number 1 without making a grand slam final. I think she is going to surprise people and hang around for a while. To me she is just gaining confidence and improving. I predict she will be #1 for the majority of 2009. Yeah! There you go - taking a stand.

Anyway very sad to see my girl go down but JJ clearly kicked her butt, so more power to her.

SO what the f is up with the Kremlin cup? No one is there. The entire arena or whatever you call it is empty. Now I have been to Moscow, and the first thing I saw getting off the airplane was a giant mural of Leni, Zvonareva and Myskina (at that time) - so these girls are stars there. I also picked up the Russian equivalent of Us magazine and there was a giant spread about Leni. So again, Russians seem to know and care about the incredible, practically incomparable dominance of Russian women in tennis - the sport is important there. The Russian folks I met all knew about the Russian players. But no one is there. So what is going on? You have to chock it up to some flavor of Russian corruption, I assume some equivalent to the corporate impact we see on stadium audiences in the US, but times 100. I guess all the seats are reserved for politically important people and oligarchs, who have better things to do, and no one else is allowed to buy them? Or can afford them?

Whatever the true explanation it's weird and bad and a very small but telling indicator of how subtly but importantly off and dysfunctional Russia is these days, despite the enormous surge in affluence. No city is more expensive (to the foreign visitor anyway) than Moscow. Oil fueled growth and inflation, the entire city under construction. So anyway, weird that no one is at the semifinals, and that the tournament organizers think that is ok.

Signing off - RR

Monday, October 6, 2008

Jancovic Defeats Petrova

The final was not as exciting as the semi-final against Venus, but as I commented, JJ is just a WALL. It's as if nothing can get past her. Petrova showed nerves- understandably- when was the last time we saw her with this result? It's been ages. Anyway, go JJ!!!! Nice Porsche! You're awesome!

Yours Truly,

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Shoulder Bump

Last night, I had the great pleasure of watching Venus and Jelena battle it out for a truly great semi-final. But man, the shoulder bump? There is THE famous shoulder bump from years and years ago, at the US Open I think, before Richard turned into the amazing man that he is- he was still amazing, but now he even more amazing, how's that (and I am being serious, I worship the man these days)- and refered to the woman Venus shoulder bumped as a "white turkey". Now, I may have that wrong. I'm working on memory, and my memory stinks. So, you know, go easy on me.

And then there is the famous FAMOUS shoulder bump between Hewitt and Nalbandian at the Australian Open about three years ago. It was a five setter that Hewitt ended up winning. Nalbandian had words with him. Those two hate each other. Also, I was joking when I said that it was a famous shoulder bump. It was not. But for me, a Nalbandian devotee, in the way that some people are, like, Hindu, it was a big moment and has settled into my memory in a way other things don't settle there.

I was going to talk about Serbia here because if JJ's great win and also- I have been reading about Serbia! And that area in general. Here is the most recent info I have: I read a book called Safe Area Gorazde by Joe Sacco (really really good book- it's a "graphic" book, so it's a comic book but with lots of good info instead of super heros). And I also read a tiny little bio of Tolstoy. A hundred years ago, the Serbs were attacked by the Turks, or the Ottoman empire. That is why there are so many Muslims in the area. During WW2, Serbs were massacred by Croats who sided with the Nazis. And more recently, in Joe Sacco's book's time, the 1990s, Serbs committed terrible atrocities against Muslims in particular. So here is the thing- what an incredibly messed up place from where JJ hails! And she's always SMILING?!! God bless her. I am really happy I did not have to come from such a troubled place. She's sort of amazing that she is soo good at tennis and smiley and stuff, and yet, like, she's from Serbia. That said, I realize that our country isn't perfect, but man oh man, it is not as messed up as Serbia is, or so that is my half assed opinion at the moment.

Yours Truly,