Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Spain Wins!

Rowan here again, following up.

So Spain won. They weren’t the favourites going in but they pulled it off, and they always had a chance didn’t they. They’re a talented bunch those Spaniards, it’s a good group. Paula will be a little disappointed, she is a big David Nalbandian fan after all. But I know she likes Feliciano Lopez and Fernando Verdasco so I imagine she’ll be happy for them. That was the cool thing about this tie for me, the emergence of those two as heroes. Davis Cup makes heroes more than any tour event does, with the whole individual effort for the team’s sake thing. For Lopez and Verdasco this has got to be like Christmas, on par with a Grand Slam even. They must be feeling very, very buena.

So not much tennis for a while right? I know the players deserve the time off, heck, everybody knows they deserve a longer off season than what they get. Still, it will be a quiet few weeks without tennis. On the plus side, the 2009 season is going to be fascinating. I’m hoping for Roger Federer and New Zealand’s Marina Erakovic to win a lot of tournaments, one of which is slightly more likely to happen than the other. But, like the Spain Argentina tie proved, nobody knows what's going to happen. That’s why we watch the matches.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Davis Cup

Rowan here, doing some guest blogging again.

How about that Davis Cup huh? Pretty intense. Spain is 2-1 up after the good looking team of Feliciano Lopez and Fernando Verdasco beat the slightly less glamorous but still good looking in their own way team of David Nalbandian and Agustin Calleri. The tie could go either way I think, but Spain have got to be feeling pretty buena.

I’m a little disappointed that Juan Monaco isn’t playing. He’s my favourite Argentine. Actually Gaston Gaudio is my favourite Argentine, but he’s not playing anywhere because he is nuts. Speaking of Argentines (Argentineans? No, it’s Argentines right?), I saw that Juan Ignacio Chela got married recently, and all his buddies were there, Nalbandian, Gaudio, Monaco and the rest. Good for Chela.

By the fact that I’m talking about everything but the tennis you can probably tell that I haven’t actually watched any of the Davis Cup matches. But tennis is good like that, you don’t really have to watch it to enjoy it. I won’t be able to see the action tonight, but I am excited about what’s going to happen. Will Argentina play del Potro or Acasuso? Acasuso is a good player but it’s not a stretch to say he’s a clay court guy. Del Potro can go on any surface but he does look a little tired. Maybe they will call Chela on his honeymoon and get him to suit up and come in. Or maybe Chela is at Mar del Plata already, I don’t know because I haven’t been watching. So I admit there are definite benefits to watching tennis matches. Go Argentina.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Lopez Defeats Del Potro!!!

Oh MY! That is an upset. What a tight match. Heavens. My stomach feels all wierd. Sigh. I love Feli- I play with his raquet! He's really handsome. I belong to one of his facebook fan groups. I have seen him up close in Canada on a number of occasions (five years I've been going to the Canada Open...). He's ..a sight to behold. But I never thought he could pull this off. I am now impressed with his tennis, not just his fineness.

Also, Rowan, I leave tomorrow for the week. Blog away if you are able and willing!

Yours Truly,

Davis Cup Final 2008

Well, I am dumb. I had no idea that Nadal wasn't playing? Was he supposed to play and then had to withdraw? I thought he didn't play Shanghai because he was saving himself for Davis Cup. But why did I think that? It wasn't based on anything I read, it was based on my own mind thinking things. Wrong things, apparently.

Nalbandian just took the first set by breaking Ferrer, after playing a shitass game to try and serve it out and being broken himself. But what matters is- HE TOOK THE FIRST SET!!!!! I am so happy. I love him. I love Ferrer, but not as much as Nalbandian. I love Nalby more. My man, in baby blue. Man, he is hitting some great angles.

I will say that without Nadal, I feel like Argentina's chances to win have gone way up. Which is great! They've NEVER won this. Spain has twice rather recently. So, I sit here, shoving a meatball sub (why? why not a salad? oh well) in my face, being very happy. The sun is shining in through the windows, and even though it is butt freezing out there, I am all warm and cozy and content, thinking Argentina could win.

Ferrer just really fucked up an easy shot. This is a bit ugly, but I'll take it. I sat in the front row at the Canada Open two years ago and watched Nalby and Ferrer play a great, tight three-setter. (Nalby did win). This is different. This is-Ferrer can't handle the Davis Cup thing- it's too loud and too crazy and too hard for him. Sorry, Ferrer. I'm sorry you are sucking, but it is Argentina's turn to win. It is! I hope. It's not over yet, and by that I mean the whole thing. I really shouldn't count my blessing before they're hatched. Or chickens or whatever.

YES! Did you all here that cheering??! "Ole, Ole, Ole, David, David!!" How awesome was that!? I wish I were there. Really. I HEART Argentina!! Oh My God! I am so happy. I wish it were cocktail hour, but it's not. Fuck. Maybe I'll save the rest of the day's matches for cocktail hour. I want to celebrate and get all emotional.

Yours Truly,

Thursday, November 20, 2008

People, I Suck

I am so sorry I have not posted. I suck. I thought Shangai was boring and I barely watched it. I feel like a tennis traitor. I'm sorry. No Nadal, no Nalbandian, Del Potro and Roddick out somewhat early- and then Stepanek? Anyway, I think the real problem is that the ATP moves it to a City where no one really seems to care about tennis. The atmosphere was less festive than my grandmothers' funeral. Wow. That sounds rough. But- it's true.

Tomorrow is Davis Cup!!!! I will be blogging. But. I leave Saturday for a week, and so will not be able to blog, (most likely) about the rest of the tie. Rowan, if you are out there watching hte Davis Cup or any other tennis, starting on Saturday, blog away if you can!

Yours Truly,

Monday, November 10, 2008

Simon Defeats Federer!!!

Simon just played the most ass kicking game to take the second set! My house stinks like cat- farts! One of my kittens has really bad gas. Isn't that wierd?

Federer is a bit nervous. Shit, Leif just said that Simon seems like he is "part Kenyon" and that he could "run forever". That was funny. But now there is this really long silence, like, oops, maybe that was racist? Anhwho, I am just glad that Fed won the US Open. Oh wait, is this Justin Gimmelstob? He is the man who always says the wrong things. This could be- besides good tennis- interesting commentary. I did just like how Gimmelstob said that Federer is now the victim of "unrealistic expectations." That is so true. People want to hate on him and talk about how he is over, but the reality is -- how great and dominant he was?- it was abnormal and bizarre and out of league with most any other tennis players that ever players. Notice I say most. Not all.

Whoah. Simon played SOOO well to win that match. Mr. Pipsqueak! The young up and comer! Awesome tennis.

Yours Truly,

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Venus Williams beats Zvonareva for the Year-end Title

Rick Rock here -

Sometimes, when I play tennis, after a long point, I like to lay down on the court. Ahh.... a little rest. It's surprisingly comfortable! A little weeping, too, adds to the moment. I thought I was the only one - but apparently Vera Zvonareva knows about this too!

Actually, the match isn't over yet. But I'm taking a wild guess as to the outcome.

To be fair, Vera has played so well this year, and so well here in Doha (Doha?? WTF!) to get here. And somehow, she snuck off with the first set. That's not really fair - she played great. But Venus is super sharp and Vera is progressively losing her shit. OK now it is match point. Venus has never won the year-end before. Whoops, she just did! Lost the first set, then a bagel and a pretzel. (it goes, bagel, breadstick, pretzel, croissant, then no more breakfast foods).

So go Venus! I am happy for her. What a great year she's had.

And I will go out on a limb and say, a great year for women's tennis. I like change and unpredictability in the field, and we got a lot of that! Henin was fantastic, but watching her pretty much beat everyone got a little old! (BTW Lindsay Davenport said she'd be back, we'll see. My prediction is that she will re-emerge as the CEO of a major multinational corporation. What am I talking about??)

Well there you go - the ladies 2008 is sealed. What will happen in 2009? Hmm maybe I will make some dumb-ass predictions! I'll save it for another post...

Signing off - Rick Rock

Paula here:
No one- NO ONE- especially not Tracy "I'm sort of an annoying beeach" thought Vera would get to the final. I loved watching her play such great tennis, until the end of the final, where she lay down and started acting --uhhh- NO VERA! If you were my two year old? I'd pick you up and give you a stern talk about tantrums in public.

My favorite match was JJ and Venus--those two? They don't like each other. I like them both! And it was a great match. And I have a sweet spot for JJ cause of our co-blogger, Rowan, who is her most articulate, and loving, fan.

Also, that match between Venus and Serena? It was rough but also interesting. Serena was not feeling well, but she did the honorable thing and played it out. But man, the handshake between the sisters after that match? Never have I seen one like that. These two LOVE each other, I have no doubt about that. But it was a wet fish handshake. ROUGH. Serena doesn't like getting bagelled! Can you blame her?

I should say something about Leni and her thighs (that would be Elena Dementieva). The whole week? Lots of talk about her thighs in this house. I should also reiterate how sad I am --blowing my nose into my hankie, weeping, falling on the ground - oh no! that wasn't me, that was Vera, about something else, called losing-- that Verdasco is in Ana Ivanovic's box in Doha, when he should be in my box. MY BOX. Oops. That was not only vulgar, but bitter. Uh, I'm happy they have each other? Wait, that was disingenuous. I'm jealous. I'm his flipping facebook group leader! What about ME??!! MEEEEeeee! Me me me. Sigh.

I love tennis. I am sad the end of the season is coming and - for the ladies- is here. But HEY! Davis Cup? Shanghai? I got some more tennis. I do. Thank goodness.

Yours Truly,

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jankovic vs. Ivanovic in the year-end championships: Cave GIrl vs. Space Girl

Rick Rock here -

We're watching Jankovic vs. Ivanovic in the WTA year-end championships - early round robin. First of all, it's probably been said but Doha? I think the WTA is too greedy. Clearly they got a ton of money to help prop up the Gulf state's image, but... first of all, it's insanely hot - Ivanovic looks like she is going to barf. Second, there is no atmosphere, the stands are half empty so far as I can tell! Not enough fans! It's like the Kremlin cup - all the seats seemed to be reserved for people with connections who don't show up - the place is empty during the final! Between two Russians! WTF?? Contrast with the Paris event which just finished up - 15k French people going absolutely apeshit!!! So anyway - what was wrong with Madrid? Other than money for the WTA and it's execs of course...

So here we are and Ivanovic is wearing like a kind of Pebbles-y purple dress with like tattered edges... like a cave girl! Meanwhile, JJ is wearing a tight, gray dress with a Star Trek-y block pattern - like an Space girl! Cool! Still Halloween in Doha...

BTW there is a rumor on Facebook in the Verdasco group that he is hooked up with Ivanovic... and there he is in the stands. watching her Go figure...

Signing off - Rick Rock

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tsonga defeats Nalbandian

I hate it when they show the linesmen after a touchy call. They should only show the linesmen with a halo photo-shopped over their heads. They really do their best. This isn't Romania vs. the US in the 80s for Fs sake. Thank God for shot spot.

Really nice lob from Nalby here down 3/5. Now two poopy shots. Now a great shot by MY GUY. Ag. This is awful. No one cares about my guy but me and two other people. HE HELD.

Here it is. Can he serve it out? Oh shit. He did. Great tennis. Congrats to Tsonga. What a fun match. Even though I love Nalby almost more than life itself, I am happy for Tsonga. He deserved his excellent win.

Yours Truly,

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nalbandian defeats Davydenko and is going to the FINAL!

OH MY GOD! He played so solidly in the third. And that handshake? No one is a bigger gentleman than Nalby. No one. If he wins tomorrow, he's going to Shangai for the year end championships. I feel like he could beat either Tsonga or Blake, or he could lose to Blake or Tsonga. Because- you never know! Not with David. No, he has his moments. He can beat anyone on any given day, and he could lose to number 342 the next day. But man, I love him.

Yours Truly,