Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Venus Williams beats Zvonareva for the Year-end Title

Rick Rock here -

Sometimes, when I play tennis, after a long point, I like to lay down on the court. Ahh.... a little rest. It's surprisingly comfortable! A little weeping, too, adds to the moment. I thought I was the only one - but apparently Vera Zvonareva knows about this too!

Actually, the match isn't over yet. But I'm taking a wild guess as to the outcome.

To be fair, Vera has played so well this year, and so well here in Doha (Doha?? WTF!) to get here. And somehow, she snuck off with the first set. That's not really fair - she played great. But Venus is super sharp and Vera is progressively losing her shit. OK now it is match point. Venus has never won the year-end before. Whoops, she just did! Lost the first set, then a bagel and a pretzel. (it goes, bagel, breadstick, pretzel, croissant, then no more breakfast foods).

So go Venus! I am happy for her. What a great year she's had.

And I will go out on a limb and say, a great year for women's tennis. I like change and unpredictability in the field, and we got a lot of that! Henin was fantastic, but watching her pretty much beat everyone got a little old! (BTW Lindsay Davenport said she'd be back, we'll see. My prediction is that she will re-emerge as the CEO of a major multinational corporation. What am I talking about??)

Well there you go - the ladies 2008 is sealed. What will happen in 2009? Hmm maybe I will make some dumb-ass predictions! I'll save it for another post...

Signing off - Rick Rock

Paula here:
No one- NO ONE- especially not Tracy "I'm sort of an annoying beeach" thought Vera would get to the final. I loved watching her play such great tennis, until the end of the final, where she lay down and started acting --uhhh- NO VERA! If you were my two year old? I'd pick you up and give you a stern talk about tantrums in public.

My favorite match was JJ and Venus--those two? They don't like each other. I like them both! And it was a great match. And I have a sweet spot for JJ cause of our co-blogger, Rowan, who is her most articulate, and loving, fan.

Also, that match between Venus and Serena? It was rough but also interesting. Serena was not feeling well, but she did the honorable thing and played it out. But man, the handshake between the sisters after that match? Never have I seen one like that. These two LOVE each other, I have no doubt about that. But it was a wet fish handshake. ROUGH. Serena doesn't like getting bagelled! Can you blame her?

I should say something about Leni and her thighs (that would be Elena Dementieva). The whole week? Lots of talk about her thighs in this house. I should also reiterate how sad I am --blowing my nose into my hankie, weeping, falling on the ground - oh no! that wasn't me, that was Vera, about something else, called losing-- that Verdasco is in Ana Ivanovic's box in Doha, when he should be in my box. MY BOX. Oops. That was not only vulgar, but bitter. Uh, I'm happy they have each other? Wait, that was disingenuous. I'm jealous. I'm his flipping facebook group leader! What about ME??!! MEEEEeeee! Me me me. Sigh.

I love tennis. I am sad the end of the season is coming and - for the ladies- is here. But HEY! Davis Cup? Shanghai? I got some more tennis. I do. Thank goodness.

Yours Truly,


R.C. French said...

Hey Paula,

What’s up? I’ve been enjoying the coverage from you and Rick Rock. Great to see Vera do so well in Doha, she’s cute. Sorry about Fernando, at least he and Ana will have beautiful children.

Guess what? Leni and her thighs are coming to play in Auckland in January! And I’ve got my tickets! Woo. Juan Martin del Potro and David Ferrer will be leading the men’s field the week after, it’s gonna be sweet. Last time I blogged about the Auckland tournaments at my old blog, which was good fun. But this time I was hoping I could blog about it here. I won’t be staying at the players’ hotel but I’m sure there’ll still be juicy stuff to report. Like last time Lindsay Davenport brought Baby Jagger, and he was very well behaved. And I saw Juan Monaco’s famous telenovella girlfriend with flowers in her hair. Yup, juicy. So what do you say, sounds good? It’s still a while away yet, but I’m pretty excited.

paula said...

Rowan- I have no idea how I missed this post. Anyway, I can't wait for your posts!

paula said...

Rowan! Sorry I didn't get this earlier! But yes dude! We look forward to your posts!