Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, November 21, 2008

Davis Cup Final 2008

Well, I am dumb. I had no idea that Nadal wasn't playing? Was he supposed to play and then had to withdraw? I thought he didn't play Shanghai because he was saving himself for Davis Cup. But why did I think that? It wasn't based on anything I read, it was based on my own mind thinking things. Wrong things, apparently.

Nalbandian just took the first set by breaking Ferrer, after playing a shitass game to try and serve it out and being broken himself. But what matters is- HE TOOK THE FIRST SET!!!!! I am so happy. I love him. I love Ferrer, but not as much as Nalbandian. I love Nalby more. My man, in baby blue. Man, he is hitting some great angles.

I will say that without Nadal, I feel like Argentina's chances to win have gone way up. Which is great! They've NEVER won this. Spain has twice rather recently. So, I sit here, shoving a meatball sub (why? why not a salad? oh well) in my face, being very happy. The sun is shining in through the windows, and even though it is butt freezing out there, I am all warm and cozy and content, thinking Argentina could win.

Ferrer just really fucked up an easy shot. This is a bit ugly, but I'll take it. I sat in the front row at the Canada Open two years ago and watched Nalby and Ferrer play a great, tight three-setter. (Nalby did win). This is different. This is-Ferrer can't handle the Davis Cup thing- it's too loud and too crazy and too hard for him. Sorry, Ferrer. I'm sorry you are sucking, but it is Argentina's turn to win. It is! I hope. It's not over yet, and by that I mean the whole thing. I really shouldn't count my blessing before they're hatched. Or chickens or whatever.

YES! Did you all here that cheering??! "Ole, Ole, Ole, David, David!!" How awesome was that!? I wish I were there. Really. I HEART Argentina!! Oh My God! I am so happy. I wish it were cocktail hour, but it's not. Fuck. Maybe I'll save the rest of the day's matches for cocktail hour. I want to celebrate and get all emotional.

Yours Truly,

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