Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Kuzerater v. Cinderella

And yet, Cinderella, or Caroline Wozniaki, can KILL the ball. Kuz just broke her here to go up 4/3. And when Kuz leans over in this new Fila outfit? Boobage! I mean, some serious cleavage! Aw, Kuz. You Rock! Keeping it exciting!

Wow. I didn't expect that Kuz would win so easily. Nice. I like both players, but it is good to see Kuz do well.

Yours Truly,

Serena v. Jie Zheng

OK, the beginning of the third set, and Jie is up a break and a hold at 2/0. Man, I watched the first set and Serena was up 5/0 and I felt bad for Jie and then...waah? What happened. One thing I noticed was the Jie started to return A LOT better. But still, Serena usually would have pulled through this one by now. And it's not over. In fact, Serena could very easily win this. One break is nothing to her.

OK, the break back. Now I feel like she can really run with this. I'm sort of stunned. Beer "o'Clock just chimed. But I have to take a shower first. I should press pause. Corinna just said "I am not exactly sure what to say right now, I'm confused." And I agree! We all are? WTF??!

OK, now here comes Serena serving for the match. My brain got all scrambled watching this. It's been fun, too. I like my brain to be scrambled. OVER. OK. Now I am read to watch tennis from today.

Yours Truly,

Monday, March 30, 2009

I Had a Great Nap in Front of Tennis Today

I got back from a week in the Dominican Republic last night to....aaahhh, lots of DVRed tennis. I played a lot of tennis in the "DR", and I watched Nadal beat Murray in the final for Indian Wells on a large screen at an Italian bar. The commentary was in Spanish and I sat next to two old Italian dudes who looked like they'd spent the entire day drinking and smoking, which is probably was just reality.

I napped through Nadal beating Gil today. Aaah. Now, I woke to watch the end of Venus and Radswanka - good three setter. Venus wigged out there a bit at the end and then pulled through. I was happy to Richard in the audience- not sure why, but I dig him more than Oracene.

Now, I watch Murray and Massu. I hate both of these guys, but I hate Massu more. He didn't sign my kids balls (Andy Roddick is the only other guy approached who didn't). He also exudes "asshole". Murray, too, is not the "nicest" guy out there. But if I was forced to pick, say, one of these guys to win this match? I would pick Murray. And everyone here knows how much I generally love the Latin guys. But man, Massu does not count. Basically, he's Hungarian, so maybe that's what his problem is. Although, I too, have some Hungarian in me. I guess if I were a dude I wouldn't think I was hot. Or something. Although, I am not an asshole. I am a very nice lady.

Yours Truly,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hantuchova beats... oops I forgot already, and other Foolishness

Rick Rock here -

P has already said it, but... I'm going to say it again, because I can't think of too much else to say... and that's exactly the point I was going to make! The big pause, in TV coverage at least, after the Aussie open - just dribs and drabs - has kind of forced me to think about things other than tennis. Like, drinking? I am not sure. It's been a blur. I feel kind of weird and confused. So, trying to ease back in...

Also, I am in a bind, because P is up in the country where we have Dish Network, and they don't seem to have the coverage! But I am taping everything here in New York on MSG+!!! So, should I talk about results? Because I might ruin things for her?? But, how can I blog about tennis without talking about results?? I DON'T KNOW!

By the way, this is really, really boring to talk about, but the coverage... it was great on the Tennis channel and then it went to msg+ and it is kind of thin! What is msg+? I like msg, sure - it makes your head feel funny. When you eat too many Bugles... ha, ha. OK, that was really weak. But in truth... random. Last year we were in Buenos Aires during this tournament, and the TV coverage was much better. Not that we just sat in our hotel watching tennis.... just a little. Late at night. Actually for the semi's (Nalbandian vs. Fish), we had flown back and were in Miami, combing South Beach for... a sports bar??? Actually we found one! And after like an hour of trying, got them to tune one of 50TVs to the tennis (March Madness of course was on), only to see David lose! So we got drunk, and P lost her sweater... but it was fun. Some dude at the bar drunkenly told me about his band and I just realized I never checked out their Myspace page! Oh well.

Time to talk about tennis - First, real quick, Verdasco was really impressive beating Gasquet. They pick on Gasquet, he should be this or that, but he is what he is, a great player who will only flirt with the top 10. But that is a lot, and Verdasco whomped him. Soundly. The hair is kind of an issue. The whole "I am borrowing Aggassi's life" is weird. One commentator said Verdasco would drive 6 hours for a press conference, because he is like a publicity hound. I have no idea. P runs his Facebook group, and he has never contacted her... nor has Andre or Darren Cahill or Gill Reyes or anyone else from his camp. Hint!

Getting to the point of this post, just watched Danny Hanny beat (I'm going to try) was it Cetkova? Really don't mean to be dismissive of her opponent, genuinely am not sure I have the name right. I was distracted by Hantuchaova. By her nipples. Whoops! Is hat going to far? But it was really noticable, high beams on! I had better be quiet.

Seriously,this is a big event for Hantuchova for obvious reasons, having won it twice, 2 or her 3 titles, and she is a fun player to watch, just very clean,flat hitting when she is on. Always like to see her play well., and at least some of the time, she did.

That's enough for now... easing back into this tennis thing.

Out - Rick Rock

Wait - one last thing - I am now watching Andreev and Tsonga, and they said Andreev's girlfriend is Maria Kirilenko? Is that true??

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Indian Wells 2009!!!!

I have been a bad blogger. This week, I should be able to watch a ton of tennis, but the thing is- I am blogging elsewhere (not about tennis, about, uh, "writing) and I feel so blogged out! I need Rick Rock's help, but he has this silly thing called a job. Sigh.

I am watching Chardy v. Fish. Chardy won the first set and I thought this would be closely played tennis and so far it has been. Chardy is a youthful (and super hot) 22 year old; his best tennis is ahead of him, I like to think.

OK, See what I mean? My brain has been sucked dry from that other blog!!! Anyway, maybe more soon?

I'm back!
One thing: My almost ten year old and I were arguing about the Chardy/Fish match. I said, I know Chardy is ranked lower, but he's really young and his best tennis is ahead of him. He could win this match. And Cheesewad sniffed at me. He said, Fish has been 17 in the world. Anyway, Chardy won! I showed Cheesewad who was who! Gosh, you should see me when I beat him at arm wrestling! Just kidding. I never arm wrestle Cheesewad, although I did once arm wrestle his older brother, I do think Nole might step it up and start the whomp. But - I never discount the Argentines, because I love them. In other words, even though I am not a Nole hater, I would love to see the upset here.

Yours Truly,

Monday, March 9, 2009

Davis Cup 2009!!!

Wow, it wasn't very exciting, sadly. I thought that Wawrinka's win over Blake would make for some exciting moments but really, it was just a big ole ass whomp after that. Sigh. Rick Rock pointed out that all the Swiss players were actually Italian. Also, Justin Gimmelstob? I asked him to guest blog here for me via facebook. I said, you are cheeky! You should guest blog for me! Um, he doesn't want to. But, I think that is a mistake. I think he should want to! Hm. Maybe I won't give up. I could stalk him a bit.

Indian Wells is SOON!!!!
Yours Truly,