Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, June 27, 2008

Safin vs Seppi vs Ancic vs Ferrer

Rick Rock here -

They are switching back an forth so much I forget exactly who is playing who but who cares, it's great tennis. The four are in there somewhere. Maybe it's Ferrer, Ancic and Seppi playing Canadadian doubles and Safin playing himself? No that doesn't sound right.

Anyway great tennis all around. Although, it's kind of mean to let this big Croatian dude beat up on poor little Ferrer - the furry little ferret/turtle! Not nice. But give Ancic credit - he played great, and dug deep. He doesn't look physically 100%. Or maybe he's just a human being, and gets a little tired after 4 sets of intense tennis.

Now Marat has a match point. In the dark. Let's see what happens... OK second serve... oops, netted it, not yet. OK another chance. Hurry up guys it's getting dark! Damn, second serve again. Oh snap he did it! Nice to see Marat back in form too.

Ok, tat was nice. Tomorrow we are going on vacation, and will have to resort to cruising around looking for random TVs that happen to be showing tennis. Wish us luck.

Signing off - Rick ROck

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Alla Kudryavtseva beats Maria Sharapova!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest Blogger Rockytoad!

Hi! Rockytoad here! So far, day four in Wimbledon is hectic, and filled with upsets; it's pretty crazy tennis. First off, Nadal lost the first set 7-5, but managed to come back and win the match. Venus Williams beat _____? pretty routinely. I didn't see the score, but I watched the first few games and saw Venus throwing everything that British girl had right back at her, even better. I don't see Venus playing very often, but I could tell she was playing really good tennis at the time. And then James Blake! Losing to Schuettler was a huge upset. You'd think Blake could beat him, but he lost in the fifth set. But the biggest upset of the day, and most suprising, was Sharapova, the number two in the world, losing to Alla Kudryavtseva! Kudryavtseva amazingly beat Sharapova in the first set 6-2, to start out the match. Sharapova was double faulting and making tons of unforced errors, but Alla (I'm just going to call her Alla, since her last name is too crazy) was playing beautifully. Man, that girl has got game! She was smacking winners on deep angles, going left and right, and that kind of playing won her the match.

P.S. It's kind of irrelevant, but Rafa walked up right into the ESPN studio with the commentators due to a miscommunication on an interview time. I thought it was pretty funny.

The Roddick match continues...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Upsets on Day 3 of Wimbledon 2008

OK, I played four hours of tennis at a tennis "camp" today and now I'm drinking wine and watching tennis -and my back hurts - AND- I was really impressed with how Djokovic handled his loss and spoke about it at that evil thing, the press conference. I would almost say that his impeccable manners here at Wimby 2008 make up for all of his other booboos, but that would perhaps exaggeration. And yet, he was impressive, no? Gave credit to Safin, made no real excuses. Wow. Wow. Regarding the level of upsettedness- Safin is dangerous to anyone when not being the mental retard that he can sometimes be. And, even though he states he hates the grass, never plays well at Wimby, for some reason, he was playing really well and not being the over-emotional Russiany Russian dude and being a world class player instead. By the way, Safin is HOT.

OK, now I am watching the wierder upsettedness of of Dechy v. world's number 1, Ana Ivanovic. My 12 year old loves Ana because she's "hot". Gee, where did he get that word. Oh- not from me. I think I may have gotten it from him. Well, let's be honest, it's not really a strange word to describe the likes of Safin or Ana. But, why is Dechy beating her? Or almost? Or pushing her like this? This is no Safin- and no offense to the lovely Frenchwoman, but no one would have called this upset. (Safin, people could bet on him). But Dechy's serving so well. And Ana's second serve- sitting up high in the middle of the box- and Dechy can do what she likes with it.

All right- I'll watch some more and be back.

WHOAH! Ana pulled it out. Awesome fun second round match. I'm feeling sorry for Dechy. OK, I'm really feeling for her. My heart is broken.

Yours Truly,

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 2, Wimbledon, 2008

Well, I watched yesterday and I watched today and....I miss the clay court season. BUT - I do love Wimby, don't I? I love tennis whites. In fact, I sort of fetishize them. Meow. But, the buttoned down atmosphere is getting to me. I just need to adjust.

OK, here's a few things. What happened to David Nalbandian? I didn't cry. I didn't. But my heart was broken. I want to know what is going on with him, and I don't. It's a mystery. I feel out of the loop, the Nalby loop. Now he's watching - David Nalby that is - his buddy Shwank play Roddick. Two bad things are happening while I watch this: one: Mary Carillo is covering this match for ESPN2 and is driving me nuts. She keeps saying "SHWANK!" like it's an insult, or an exclamation for "shank", as in shank a ball. Mary, you reeeeaally bug me. Also- Roddick? Badmouthing at the chair. Making me embarrassed to be an American. And they keep showing his girlfriend, the Sports Illustrated model that - is it true? - he picked out of the magazine and had his agent call her agent. Again, makes me ashamed to be from the US. The word soulless comes to mind. So, this match is bugging me. And it's almost over. There it is. Roddick gave a good handshake. A tiny consolation. Shwank, by the way, has that -Gaudio/Nadal/Djokovic/Santoro and so on and so forth ass thing going on- HUGE. HUGE muscle of an ass. Now, Nalby has muscles in his ass, but not like Gaudio. And not like Shwank. Maybe that is his problem. I'm kidding of course. His real problem his he needs ME. And I'm not there. Sorry David! Sorry I am not there for you. Oh heavy sigh.

So, sorry folks, but I am having a grumpy Wimby day! Because here is another thing that confused me and I don't know what to make of this: Did Lindsay Davenport not shake the chair's hand? I rewound, again and again- why, what?- I mean, I like her. But I don't get it. I watched quite a bit of the match, but I am not there. There is so much that goes on there, that the TV doesn't show. Anyway, even if she's angry and injured- she is injured- she should shake the chair's hand, no?

All right. I'm at the end of my tape here. Confused and not amused, but feeling hopeful for the days to come.

Yours Truly,

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Italian Tennis Players

Rick Rock here -

I have a couple of things to say about Italian tennis players.

First, they are actually French! Bartoli? Razzano? I am so confused. Those girls, if they want to be French, they should be called Bartoleau and Resanne or something like that. I mean, I understand that there can be an American player named Capriati because we are the great melting pot. But France and Italy, they need to try harder than that to be different, they are very close to eachother, it's too confusing.

Second, if they aren't French, Italian players are likely to be German! Or vikings... Visigoths left over from the sack of Rome maybe? Karin Knapp - HELLO?? She is not even TRYING to seem Italian. That name? Being a giant blond girl who looks like her horned helmet jsut fell off accidentally on the way out to the court? Or Seppi? "Seppi" sounds kind of Italian, but whoops! Who's the big blond dude? Oh, Seppi.... the er, Italiam player. THe one who just stepped off the longboat.

Of course, I am generalizing... Penneta and Schiavone are two of my favorites who are blatantly Italian. But still - it had to be said.

Signing off - RR

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Why I love Rafa So Intensely (and the other Spaniards and Argentines)

Yes, it's his humility, his manners, his game. His good looks. And I lived in Spain for a year and loved the country and still do and go back when I can. But really, it is a bittersweet love I have for Rafa and his compatriats. You see, when I lived in Spain I was seventeen years old, a tall blond girl, who got a lot of looks. I stuck out. It's a dark haired country, for the most part (just for the most part). Now, I was shy then. And self-conscious of being "American". This was a long ass time ago, and Spain was not the Spain it is now. It was very Catholic and conservative and just coming out of it's Franco years. And as an American girl, I was assumed to be a girl with loose morals, let's say. And it bothered me, that assumption. So, the whole damn time I lived there, I never even KISSED a Spanish guy. And let me tell you, OK, not every Spanish dude looks like Rafa, or Verdasco, or Feli Lopez, or Almagro, or Moya- or- well, you get me point though, right. There are A LOT of hot Spanish men. Like, it's a country FULL of hot dudes. Last time I was there in Madrid I saw this Spanish cop walk by, and like, I nearly fainted he was so fantastic looking. And his image is permanently burned into my brain. And he was just some cop! Cops in New York don't look like that! But anyway, I was a young girl, I could have gotten some serious Spanish lovin', but out of pride and "dignity", I did not.

What the hell was I thinking??!!! If you can't mess around when you're seventeen, when can you? I've been married for fifteen years and love my family- don't get me wrong- but MAN, did I pass up a once in a lifetime opportunity!!!! And I'm mad at my younger fearful self. And I watch all these beautiful specimens of humanity with a pretty intense longing. I wish I could be seventeen again. I'd do things differently. And then- I would still get married to my husband and still have my beautiful sons. And still long for Rafa and Nalbandian and Ferrer, but with more -satisfaction - and less regret.


Now Nalbandian is playing. I am in heaven. He is so hot in his tennis whites.

And David stunk in that first set. He played BADLY. I'm angry with him. Why, David? Why? Why are you sucking? Perhaps- you need me. David- psychically- I am with you. I am!

Well, I had a pillow over my head for a few minutes. Is it over? God. It is. Barf

Yours Truly,

Friday, June 13, 2008

Nalbandian v. Gasquet

Rick Rock here -

Mmm this is a good math, two players I really enjoy, but I happen to be a little sleepy and my mind is wandering...

I think they should let the grass grow during the tournament. Add another dimension to the game - grass getting a little long... a dandelion here or there - "oh that shot really skidded of that dandelion..."

It would be like how so many athletes stop shaving during a championship run. Exept, it would be the ground, not their faces. Which is good. Tennis players don't do that, like especially the hockey guys do. Like a bunch of lumbrjacks by the Stanley Cup. If Federer say, decided not to shave till he lost on grass, or Nadal on clay, they would have long, flowing beards. Though neither one is very hairy.

Anyway, just having some thoughts. Great match, fun to be on the grass. TIght in the 3rd set right now, on serve, both guys playing nice tennis. What's gonna happen?

Signing off - RR

Grass Court Points are SOOO Short

Especially when Ivo Karlovic is playing. Nadal managed to take the second set. But, honestly, I was so bored earlier that I napped through most of the match so far. Four aces in a row by Ivo? And I like Ivo- I have blogged how his stutter endears him to me. But man, this is some dull tennis. The English dudes commentating are amusing for the most part. Anyway, my nap was lovely. I'm up now, drinking iced tea, and the men are on serve here on the third...

Tiebreak in the third. I understand the neccesity of tiebreaks. But they irritate me nontheless. It's so just a point here or there, you know? But what are you gonna do? I do like the no tiebreak in the final set thingy at the French, Wimbledon and Australia.

Well, he did it. GO RAFA!!! That was a tough one.

Yours Truly,

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The French Open Men's Final 2008

Well, Carillo said something a few days ago and I must agree; The Rafa this year would have beat the Rafa last year. In other words, he has improved. And he probably will continue to improve.

That said, it's the beginning of the third right now, and The Rog is not playing well and it breaks my heart. That first set was not pretty. What strikes me the most is that Rog looks like he doesn't want to be out there. I said that about Safina yesterday, so yeah, I sound like a broken record, but he looks so unhappy. And he did from moment one. Be happy Rog! Your're great! Get some good vibe going on here! Well, it might not happen.

It's 5.0 in the third. This is painful. I can barely watch this. Is Jose Higueras losing his job? Rog, don't blame him. But it's not fun for me to watch a great champion have a tough time out there. I have to remind myself that Rog is very rich and very successful-I shouldn't feel tooo sorry for him. And he had a great week. But not a good final, my friends.


Wow. What a class act. Rafa did not "celebrate" out of respect for Rog. No laying on the ground or freaking out. I am just so impressed with this young man- his parents raised him right. God bless.

Now for the speeches. Gosh, I love these two dudes. I wish I could go hang out with them.

Yours Truly,

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ana v. Safina

Back on serve here in the first. I wish Marat was there cheering on his sister. Ana is so much cooler than she was when she choked at the French final, last year? Two years ago?

My house is really hot. And it never gets hot. I'm sweating. Oops. Ana just broke. Let's see if she can serve it out. She plays tennis very well. And she's so pretty! Safina, the underdog, now has break point. Go Safina! I like both these women. I am going to feel sorry for whoever loses. Sometimes, I get a little "cringe" - the - oh, I don't want to watch the suffering of the one who loses! I'm feeling that way now.

OK, the first set is over, and now Safina just got broken in the second and she looks so...discouraged. Body language stuff. I want her to get fierce. Maybe she will.

Well, Safina's still not expressing good body language, but she just held. But now, two games later... it's sort of like she wants off the court. I actually dislike it when people say that, but I feel that way right now.


Yours Truly,

The Beast of Barcelona

(Rick Rock guest-blogging....)

That's what they called Rafa's uncle - not Toni, the one who played professional futbol. And everyone rolls freely with the "beast" talk about Rafa. Especially in contrast to the Appollonian splendor of Roger. The light, slim, Swiss Federer, with the regal one-hand backhand (it just says, "get thee hence!"), the upright bearing, etc., vs. the dark, swarthy, muscle-bound, hunched over Moorish pirate, with a two-hander like he's swinging a scimitar as he curls over the bullwark.. Arr!!! Even yesterday, Mary Carillo was talking about Rafa's beastliness.

Seriously, enough, people. It's almost racist, and at any rate, wrong. If anything, Rafa is MORE human than the sometimes icy Roger, and his game is to my mind MORE artistic. Art is about creation and originality. You could call Roger's game a perfection of classical tennis, but I would not call it creative or original. Rafa on the other hand has invented an entirely different game - no one plays like he does. No one hits the way he does, no one commits to the level of defense, no one wins from the positions he does - he turns the game of slowly gaining advantage in a point on it's head. In particular, his game is entirely different from the other physical giants in the game. His enormous strength is all diverted into action on the ball - he struggles to even keep depth beyond the service line, as ooposed to other big hitters who try to hit past their opponents. He's huge but no one is quicker, in contrast to most big players who try to get advantage early and dictate. His game is completely inside out, completely original. If Roger is a classicist, an excellent imitator of the Old Masters, Rafa is Picasso, always inventing, inverting the game, discovering new dimensions. His game looks physical but it is actualy the product of totally original thinking.

Further,Rafa is pure soul - seemingly a simple guy, emotional and intense (though always under control and well mannered) - very human. The emphasis on effort, struggle, in his game feels very human. Somehow he manages to look like the underdog on the court, even while he is crushing people. Roger on the other hand - I wouldn't call him a beast by any means, but inhuman? A little... don't get me wrong, he is a great person, an "ambassador" for the game as they say. But his persona slides into the icy, the fake celebrity realm of unreality, where Roger and Tiger rub elbows with Anna Wintour and whoever. The world where Shaquille O'neal refers to Britney as his "goood friend" (this was before she flipped out, when she was still on top....) You find yourself wondering what's realy going on with the guy. A little inhuman, dare I say, a little plastic, unreal?

All right I got a little carried away - but enough with the Rafa the Beast talk. He is a great player,with an unbelievably original game, truly one of the greats already at 22.

Signing off - Rick Rock

Friday, June 6, 2008

Djokovic v. Nadal

Nadal in straights. Great third set. I'm happy! Carillo, the commentator, bugged me less than usual. And JMac- gotta love him- at the end there, says, "why do Safina and Safin have different last names?' Um, JMac, an A in the end makes in feminine, you bonehead.

But-I am so so sooo happy about Rafa's win. OK, I was tired and slept through the first set. But! I watched the rest! Was I surprised that Rafa won so easily? Hot really. Not once I watched the way Rafa was so dominant- it realized it wasn't going away.

Hey, it's not the best round, the round of sixteen.

Yours Truly,

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jelena v. Ana

This one has a bit more umph to it than the other semi. I want Jelena to win and she's not winning . But hey, it's only the beginning of the second set.

Jelena is not playing her game. She keeps backing up! Take stuff out of the air! Wht happened to your swinging volley? Urg. She needs a smack in the face. And I love the girl! But think what a good smack would do! Wake her up. Piss her off. It would be good. Someone do it now before it's too late.

Well, Jankovic just took some balls out of the air. Thank GOD. Swinging volley yes! No more of that backing up doodoo.

Well well well well WELL WELL! What a turnaround. I like this. This doesn't suck. Jelena want to finally make it past the semis, and Ivanovic wants another chance to actually win's a tense affair. Whoever wins gets to be Numero Uno. You know, normally I don't like the bitchy ladies and men, but Jelena is so normally smiley and goofy- even when she's losing- that it bugs me less when she has her disagreements with the chair. Plus, she doesn't call them stupid second graders, a la Roddick. She's not THAT bad.

The better player won. Congrats Ana. The final should be interesting. I'll be cheering for Safina, but I like both ladies.

Yours Truly,

Trying Not to Fall Asleep During The Semifinal Between Safina and Kuzvetsova

I was hoping Kuzi would win. Instead, she sort of sucked. I am happy for Safina. But what an emotion-free match.

Yours Truly,

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gonzo v. Fed and Monfils v. Ferrer

Well, I don't mind the raquet abuse, and I agree with JMac that the French are too hard with their whistling, but what I don't like about Gonzo is- the hands on the hips. Serena does it, and it bugs me when she does it, too. That sense of entitlement. Get rid of it.

Whoah. Federer federated all over Gonzo those last three sets.

Now, Monfils and Ferrer. Gooooood tennis. Monfils is being dramatic, as Killer Cahill likes to point out. The thing is, I love both there guys! How great for either of them to get to a semi. And the dramatics of Monfils is charming. It's not obnoxious. So - I don't know who to root for- either of them. BUT- Ferrer- he's a Spanish hottie. I LOOOOVE the Spaniards. But, I would love for the French to have Monfils- who strikes me as a great young man- to win.

Monfils won. And then- he ran over and hugged Ferrer. I love good sportmanship. God bless.

Yours Truly,

Kanepi is Tipsarevic's Female Double and Leni v. Safina

That's right- the glasses, the slightly wierd vibe. The good tennis. She doesn't have Doesteveski tattoos on her. but still.

I'm hoping that Kuzi pulls this one out, though.

Leni took the first set against Safina- so we are all happy here. Oh, my, they just showed Maxim Afinogenov in the audience, Leni's boyfriend. He is HOT. Martina Navratilova says, "that'll put a little pep on your step." Rick Rock and I theorize that Leni has been playing A LOT better since getting the good loving from Maxim, a forward for the Buffalo Sabres. Tennis and Hockey are my favorite sports. Gretzky has a tennis court in his backyard! They have a relation- OK, in tennis, fights rarely break out. But something about the arm motion. Gretzky claims to have a mean backhand because of his hockey skills.

Oh, man, they showed Maxim again, clapping for his lovely lady as she broke Safina. Fine, fine speciman. I feel like I can tell he really cares about his lady and that it is real, deep relationship. Unlike, for instance, Roddick picking his fiancee out of a Sports Illustrated magazine and having his agent call hers. No, these Russians have SOUL.

Best point of the day. And there is Maxim, he is sooooo proud of his girl. Oh my God, I'm so touched. I also am on my third glass of wine. I also ate a huge quantity of St. Andre cheese with crackers, which, I think, has given me the sniffles. Too much cheese! It's given me congestion. But DAMN! These ladies are playing such great tennis.

WAAAAH! Now Leni is down 0.5. I am the saddest lady in Brooklyn. F-ing F! They just showed Maxim. Don't show the poor guy! While his lady is so down. WAAAH!

Yours Truly,

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ivanovic v. Shnyder and Gulbis v. Djokovic

Well, Shnyder is not going to win this one, sadly. I like her. I like her wacky groundstrokes and her athletism. Does anyone have a bigger backswing? NO. It's thecraziest biggest backswing. But Ana is just outhitting her. Oh well.

Here's is Patty very very waacky website about her self help book:

Gulbis can beat the Nole. He can! it doesn't mean that he will, though. Did you people see Nole hitting the ball in anger and wacking the linesman in the stomach? I don't think he intended to do that, but as gimmelstob says, it's an automatic default. At least the chair should have said something. And Nole should have apologized. Hmm. I'm not one of his haters, but I'm unhappy with him right now. As I have been before.

Oh, poo, Nole won the first set. It aint' over yet.

Well now it's over. And neither player I wanted to win won. And Nadal is making Amagro look BAD. I think it's nerves? Becausee Almagro is a not a bad player.

Yours Truly,

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Third Set of Sharapova v. Safina

Oh My. This is fun.

3 match points.

Eeewh. They just showed Yuri. He's vile. Sorry! I try not to be a hater. I never was crazy about him but when he left the stadium when The Pov lost at the Australian a year or so ago- that was SOOO low class. You stay. And you applaud your daughter. Really.

Safina WON!!!!! YEAH! And not a bad handshake. GO SAFINA!!

Oh, no. Now she plays Leni? I love both these girls. Maria is getting booed right now. I hate the audience at the French. Ever since they messed with Serena during that Henin match years ago.

I also CALLED it. In my raquet bracket. I have Safina beating The Pov! Woohoo!

Both these girls hit so well and so HARD. It was a great match.

I am glad to see Horna doing well in the doubles. He's Peruvian, and not young. Nothing against the Bryan Brothers. But they've won plenty....

More soon.

Yours Truly,

Elena Dementieva's wierd shorts under her great yonex dress

We love Leni here. I'm glad to see her up a break here in the third against Zvonareva. But, as we know, Leni gets broken a lot. So one break? No guarantees.

Now I'm watching Ginepri v. Gonzalez. Gonzo is up a set and a break. I actually want Ginepri to win, but I am not sure he can. gonzo is looking good. Gonzo goes out with the lovely Dulko and I like them as a couple. But I've seen Gonzo on back court matches in Canada and he throws around a lot of attitude- not my favorite thing to see. So- Go Ginepri! It's not over yet. I also like how honest Ginepri has been about seeing a sports psychologist. He has some serious mental issues with his tennis games and he deals with them and right now- is overcoming them. As you all know, I love vulnerability in a player. I find it endearing. Yeah! Ginepri just broke back! Go Robby!

Leni is up 4.0! Gimmelstob commented that he hopes Leni's great result doesn't start a trend of "spandex underskirts" which is- well. What are those gray things she's wearing under her cute dress? I think it is a thigh wrap thing- a support thing. So good for her for taking care of her muscles? But it's not a good look, I agree with Gimmelstob. That said, her groundstrokes are my absolute FAVORITE on the whole women's tour. Rick Rock gave me a Yonex dres for my birthday. I plan on prancing around in it whilst faking a Russian accent. We'll see what happens then.

Well, Leni didn't manage to serve it out. But hey, she's up 5.2. And Vera is getting all emotional! I love it. Leni is cracking winners. But I also noticed wierd bandaids on her chest and back? Anybody know what those are? That and her little undershort thing? Hmm. Now, they were talking about all the unforced errors. Yes, but there at the end? Some NICE winners. Go Leni! Pulled it out!

Yours Truly,

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nadal v. Verdasco

Well, Verdasco just got broken in the first game of the second set after losing the first set 1.6. Pobre! I wish I could, you know, comfort him. I said that and RickRock sitting here next to me said, "you're getting in a loooong line for that". I know, I know. Other people love Verdasco. He has a very lovely girlfriend - there are photos of her on my facebook group, called Fernando Verdasco. BUT! I know how special my feelings are for him.

Whoah. Nadal felt dizzy or something? What happened. A strange moment. Oh, and I love Nadal very very much. Very much. But I do tend to feel for the underdogs, as do many a tennis fan.

Now Verdasco looks hurt. As JMac said, he's spinning his serve in. Is he gonna retire? Poor guy. Is he grimacing? Poor Verdasco. And Rafa, scarfing down food that Uncle Tony sent him. He's a growing boy!!! Rafa needs to eat- whilts playing tennis!

Verdasco is about to get bageled and I find it so upsetting that I may not watch the rest of the match. Sigh. I hate to see a bagel, especially for the dude whose facebook group I head.

More soon.

Yours Truly,

Into the Quarters

Suarez Navarro beat Penetta. Wow. I'm sad about that. The Ivanovic match was so boring I fast-forwarded it- 0 and 0? Sometimes that can be fun to watch, like the time Lindsay Davenport double bageled Sharapova. That was a lot of fun to watch. But Ivanovic double bagelling some unknown chick? Not so exciting.

Late last night, I watched Sharapova and the wierdly named Knapp- wierd in that she doesn't look, nor does her name sound, Italian. I enjoyed it- real tough fighting in it. Knapp has some fierceness. I like that.

Later today, I get to watch Verdasco play Nadal. I will be beside myself with pleasure watching those two slug it out on the clay. OVERWHELMED with Spanish tennis player lust and joy.

Yours Truly,