Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, June 27, 2008

Safin vs Seppi vs Ancic vs Ferrer

Rick Rock here -

They are switching back an forth so much I forget exactly who is playing who but who cares, it's great tennis. The four are in there somewhere. Maybe it's Ferrer, Ancic and Seppi playing Canadadian doubles and Safin playing himself? No that doesn't sound right.

Anyway great tennis all around. Although, it's kind of mean to let this big Croatian dude beat up on poor little Ferrer - the furry little ferret/turtle! Not nice. But give Ancic credit - he played great, and dug deep. He doesn't look physically 100%. Or maybe he's just a human being, and gets a little tired after 4 sets of intense tennis.

Now Marat has a match point. In the dark. Let's see what happens... OK second serve... oops, netted it, not yet. OK another chance. Hurry up guys it's getting dark! Damn, second serve again. Oh snap he did it! Nice to see Marat back in form too.

Ok, tat was nice. Tomorrow we are going on vacation, and will have to resort to cruising around looking for random TVs that happen to be showing tennis. Wish us luck.

Signing off - Rick ROck

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