Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ana v. Safina

Back on serve here in the first. I wish Marat was there cheering on his sister. Ana is so much cooler than she was when she choked at the French final, last year? Two years ago?

My house is really hot. And it never gets hot. I'm sweating. Oops. Ana just broke. Let's see if she can serve it out. She plays tennis very well. And she's so pretty! Safina, the underdog, now has break point. Go Safina! I like both these women. I am going to feel sorry for whoever loses. Sometimes, I get a little "cringe" - the - oh, I don't want to watch the suffering of the one who loses! I'm feeling that way now.

OK, the first set is over, and now Safina just got broken in the second and she looks so...discouraged. Body language stuff. I want her to get fierce. Maybe she will.

Well, Safina's still not expressing good body language, but she just held. But now, two games later... it's sort of like she wants off the court. I actually dislike it when people say that, but I feel that way right now.


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