Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The French Open Men's Final 2008

Well, Carillo said something a few days ago and I must agree; The Rafa this year would have beat the Rafa last year. In other words, he has improved. And he probably will continue to improve.

That said, it's the beginning of the third right now, and The Rog is not playing well and it breaks my heart. That first set was not pretty. What strikes me the most is that Rog looks like he doesn't want to be out there. I said that about Safina yesterday, so yeah, I sound like a broken record, but he looks so unhappy. And he did from moment one. Be happy Rog! Your're great! Get some good vibe going on here! Well, it might not happen.

It's 5.0 in the third. This is painful. I can barely watch this. Is Jose Higueras losing his job? Rog, don't blame him. But it's not fun for me to watch a great champion have a tough time out there. I have to remind myself that Rog is very rich and very successful-I shouldn't feel tooo sorry for him. And he had a great week. But not a good final, my friends.


Wow. What a class act. Rafa did not "celebrate" out of respect for Rog. No laying on the ground or freaking out. I am just so impressed with this young man- his parents raised him right. God bless.

Now for the speeches. Gosh, I love these two dudes. I wish I could go hang out with them.

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

hey thanks for your comment. I like your site too! how long have you been doing this for? do you play yourself?

paula said...

I think about a year. I do play, but not USTA or anything. ut I play with friends and guest blogger Rick Rock (my husband) at least twice a week. It's my only "good" habit...