Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Me and Ted Robinson, and, JJ vs. Sveta in China

Rick Rock guest blogging, because....

Last week I sat next to Ted Robinson on a plane from SF to NYC! Ted Robinson is the commentator who usually is the straight man to Johnny Mac on NBC. And he's pretty straight - despite the immense quantities of tennis we watch, I wasn't sure it was him., or if it was, exactly what his name was. I was like, hmm this guy looks familiar... is that Ted Robinson? Er, is it Roberson? Tim? I can't remember! We call him "Fish Eyeballs" at home, which isn't nice. Now that I've met him I won't call him that anymore. Ted if you read this, sorry! Needless to say I didn't mention our little nickname, when I eventually spoke to him.

Which was right at the end of the flight. I was a little shy... and he was pretty busy. The guy read through 4 or 5 sports magazines, and was on the Internet (Wifi on the plane now!) reading sports blogs and following like 3 different baseball games! I was actually impressed. By the way no booze for Ted - just tea. Getting all wired and freaking out on baseball!!!

So eventually I break the ice... and he is really quite jittery. Is it the tea, or is he irritated that I am bugging him? I think the former, because seriously folks, this is Ted Robinson, not J Lo, I doubt he gets hassled by fans that much. But I tell him I am a big tennis fan, and have enjoyed his commentary on many occasions. I don't mention some of the negative things I might, like how he fawns over the American players and ignores everyone else. Partly out of politeness, but also let's just not go there people, enough with the negativity, I'm not going in for the Hater-net thing.

So we chat a little. Can Federer get back to number 1? Maybe - Rafa will have a lot of points to defend next year and Roger does seem healthy again, finally. He calls out Monfils as someone to watch (to which I reply, Del Potro). He lives in SF, which he calls "a great tennis town". I bring up Brad Gilbert, and he is visibly irritated - "he's the LOUDEST player from the area". He mentions another pro from the 90's who I don't know - Jared somebody I think. Have to look it up.

We talk about what a great year it's been, which he qualifies with "on the men's tour".
I don't agree by the way - the WTA is just wide open, and I think that's fun and exciting! You never know what is going to happen. Implicit is the whole ting about when JJ was number 1 and not deserving it. I'm watching JJ in another final as I write this, basically kicking Kuzy's ass. It's time for JJ to get the respect she deserves! And let's not underestimate her consistency, hard work and grinding it out. And she has game - Kuzy is a big server, and JJ is just destroying her on the return, despite an 80% first serve percentage.

JJ also does not get respect for hotness. Ana is so pretty, bla bla bla, but nothing about JJ. I think she's HOTTER than Ivanovic! There, I've said it. More fun, she's got a little more fire in her eyes.... mmm.... naughty!

Anyway, signing off - RR

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Final Day of the Davis Cup Semis, 2008 -- UPDATED!

Nadal is up 5/0 in the second. I am not surprised really, and Roddick can't invent a new game for himself to suddenly play good clay court tennis. He hits hard through the ball, the clay diffuses the power, and then Nadal hits the ball back, maybe Roddick is at the net, maybe just ready on the baseline, and Rafa hits a crazy spinny shot either past Roddick, or deep in the corner on the baseline.

I was gone all weekend and do know that my man NALBANDIAN won his first singles match, lost with Canas in the doubles, but Argentina and Spain look to be meeting in the finals- I'll know for sure later tonight. I just have to think this: if life is so perfect that Argentina and Spain would be in the Davis Cup final, than how come other great things like world peace and an end to global warming can't happen, too? You know? I mean to say, there is a God and he loves us. Otherwise, it would be a Russia/US final. So I just want God to show his love for us by doing other great things, like ending malaria in Africa. But I'm glad he's showing us he's there in SOME way. You know, burning bush- great show- but we are all waiting for some other God is miraculous and loves us stuff. (Also, I want Argentina to win the whole thing....not sure on that and how God feels about that, since Spain could easily defeat Argentina in the final.)

That said, my house STINKS of cat pee. I ordered a bunch of new products and also did tons of research and I am going to try all new stuff and more litter boxes and if nothing works- it'll be prozac for the old dudes. I did read something about a cat going from outdoor to indoor having real adjustment problems. But I'll put more of this mind boggling info on my other blog.

Well, Roddick got bageled in the Bull Ring.

Roddick is being amusing and even enjoying himself and I really, really don't like him in general, but I am very impressed with him right now. He's not naive enough (stupid?) to anger this crowd, so he can't pull off his nasty behavior to the chair stuff he does everywhere else. So, this is perhaps the best way for me to watch Roddick: on clay, in Spain, against a Spaniard, and knowing any crap he pulls will get him pelted with beer bottles.

Argentina did indeed win their tie and what the hell is wrong with my man Nalbandian??!! I hate all the gossip from the US commentators about his stomach being chubby, his fitness, his dedication, etc... You know, F you. I really think something else is going on. I think he is having a serious crisis (a la Gasquet). No one played better than David a year ago. No one. He beat Nadal, Federer and Djokovic- the 1,2 and 3 in the world- in Madrid, and then the next week, beat all three again, in Paris. And he had a new coach and was playing better than ever. So what gives? I feel it really isn't anything less than a serious crisis of faith- in himself, in tennis, in what he wants from his time on this earth. I do know he wants to win this Cup and I really, really hope they do. I hope he can find that strength everyone knows he has.

Rock on, DEL POTRO!! Damn, I love the Argentines. Did you see how psyched they were?! SO emotional.

Yours Truly,

Friday, September 19, 2008

Nalbandian Beats Andreev, Davis Cup 2008!

WOOHOOO!!!! Go David! I love you. I missed the match but will watch the replay. Right now, I am watching the very interesting golf carts drive around smoothing the clay in Argentina. Zamboni-esqe is right, said by Leif. And you know, I love hockey, too.

Del Potro now is up against Davydenko. Del Potro really broke out this year as he was predicted by many to do so, except for me. I was wrong. But Davy has a ton of experience in high pressure situations. So we'll see. I'm rooting for the tall Argentine, of course. I was in Buenos Aires last March. I played at the Guillermo Vilas Tennis Club, which was just down the road from the one where this is all taking place. It was so incredible. I have never seen so many insanely handsome men in one tennis club in all my life. Coria came out and played on the court that my kids were on. Vilas was hanging out at the front desk, checking his cell phone. I was, uh, in heaven.

Oh my God, now they are talking about how Russia beat them a few years back. I saw all of that and was so SOOO Sad.

Del Potro up 5/1 in the first set and they just showed Gaudio in the audience. And Zapaleta. I know Gaudio is a nut bar, but that French Open where he beat Coria in five- it was a stunner. Not in terms of great tennis, but great tension and excitement. I walked by him in Toronto that year and man, his ass is so wide and huge. Run, run run. A butt muscle to beat all other butt

Now they just showed Chucho, also known as Acasuso, passing along a Mate cup with those funky straw like things- I think they call them keys?- to another Argentine. Mmm. I had some Mate yesterday, but not out of one of those cool Argentine cup/key thingies. I had mine out of a mug. In fact, I'm going to go make myself one now. Del Potro is just whomping away here. Nice.

Yours Truly,

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Russia beats Spain to win the Fed Cup 2008

I just finished watching Kuzi beat MG and - koodos to MG for making a good match. But- in straights. Russia 3- Spain 0. The next two matches? I won't watch dead matches. Or maybe I will, it depends how desperate I am.

I had fun watching tonight.

Yours Truly,

P.S. I LUV Kuzi. I like MG, too. But God bless Kuzi. She's talking right now, and she sounds like a MAN. Her voice! I flippin love her.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fed Cup Final 2008, Spain v. Russia and the ATP Calendar!!!!

OK, everyone looks orange on my TV. Zvonareva is not surprisingly whooping Medina Garrrigues's booty. Here is my question: how the hell did Spain even get to the final? Huh? We all know why Russia did. That said, man, I wish I were in Madrid right now, eating a huge almuerzo at El Lando and then going to the Prado and then having a nap (maybe Verdasco could join me for my nap? He's a Madrileno...) and then eating again, maybe some albondigas in the Plaza Mayor. I also would watch tennis. Yes, I would.

Well, it's over. Nice handshake. Poor Spain. Zvonareva cracks me up. No one had meltdowns like she did a few years back. Lately, she's calmed down. I sort of miss her crazy freaking out crying and throwing stuff and screaming in Russian. But probably, she's better off not being like that. So I am happy for her.

Suarez-Navarro v. Kuzi is next. This should be a much tighter match. Suarez-Navarro got to the quarters at the French. So. We'll see.

So far, so bored. BUT- two things. The ATP CALENDAR??!!! Oh my God. I am so getting it right now. Now I can cancel my suscription to Playgirl. But here is another ad that is more interesting than the tennis but not as heart thumping: No one, I repeat no one, in my house gets the Billi Jean King and Caveman Geico Ad. So, she's beating him. And he didn't know. And then he knows and quits? I feel like we are missing something here.

I miss my cats, but not their stink. I am away without them right now.

Another thing- Kuzi is basically a Spaniard, so I am confused right now as to how she can be playing against Spain.

Yours Truly,

Monday, September 8, 2008

Roger Federer Wins his Fifth US Open Title!

First Set:
Well, it was All Federer in that first set. In fact, it went so quickly that I got a little sad. I like to savor my tennis.

Second Set:
Nice break and break back? What next??! Wow, Murray is stepping up his game. It's like all that crazy energy of the match and the moment is messing with his head in a good way. OK, there was a bad line call. OK, Murray didn't stop play. You know, and now the dumbest person in tennis, Carillo is getting all fussy. Barf. Yeah, the system isn't perfect, but it's NEW. Like, uh, not so long ago, it didn't exist? OK, this is not haternet. So I'll take a deep breath. Also, I'm really digging the tennis. These guys are good at tennis.

OK, again, Mary Carillo has a point. But it's NEW. I agree with her, but understandably, you have to make changes in increments. Now this is interesting, JMac talking about how things used to be in clay, where you could hit twenty more shots and then question a call, and you would win the point!?? Life is strange. They stopped doing THAT. Probably good, right? I know Rick Rock is a big proponent of all electronic line calls and in truth, so am I. But I do understand how a body of government, the APT and WTA in this case, has to take thing a bit slowly. But maybe that's me being too compassionate to peeps I don't really know or like. That could be.

Also, Flomotion? I like it!!!! Does that make me stupid? Oh wait, I may have been stupid even before I liked Flomotion, so perhaps my actually liking of flomotion isn't the actual reason I am stupid. BUT- it may be a symptom of my being sort of dumbish. Or just a jolly tennis watcher with a desire to be like a Will Ferrelll character, whithout the peeing on myself part (anyone see that on SNL? Dude really peed on himself is my analysis.)

WHOOOOAH! GO Rog. What fantastic aggressive play to take the second. I thought he should have come in earlier in that final point, but hey, perhaps Rog is better at knowing how to play tennis than me. So he waited- and than hit that great PASS! Nice nice tennis.

HE WON! He won by playing his best tennis. Murray did not choke, Rog just played so well. God, that was great tennis. Murray really upped his game to make it a good third set. I am so happy for Rog, the first man to win five US Open titles since Tildon??!! I feel so lucky to be alive to watch this great moment in tennis.

Yours Truly,

The Men's Final at the US Open 2008!!!!

Oh my God I am sooo looking forward to this evening! Although I also am already getting depressed about the Open being over. I go into a funk at the end of Grand Slams where I just don't know what to DO with myself. Like, where's th TENNIS??!! But hey, one great last moment. And then, the David Cup. And then, the European indoor season, which I love. I once went to the Madrid Masters! It was fantastic. Sigh.

Here are some of my new tennis blog projects: (thanks JO, for calling me that, it gave me this great idea...wait I just checked- it's taken. WAAHH! That chick should give it to me cause she hasn't posted in a year. Oh well, I'll come up with other ideas.) (thanks Rick Rock, for coming up with that- oh wait, it's not just for tennis people to get all hater, it's for all haters!!! Of which I am not one, I am a lover, a lover of compassion, although I did hate on Mary Carillo and feel a little bad about that. But she hurt me with her dumbness last night.)

Well, those are my new three projects. Now I'm going to go buy some wine for tonights activities of tennis watching and wine drinking. More later, people!

Yours Truly,

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Serena Williams defeats Jelena Jankovic

I missed the men's semis cause I was out of town with friends who DON'T HAVE CABLE OR A DISH??!! I love them and I had a great great weekend. And, you know, I watch lots of tennis.

But I'm BACK!!!!! Rowan, I'm so happy your girl JJ won. And I am just about to watch JJ v. Serena!! I am a happy lady. Also, did you all hear the Eagles of Death Metal's amazing song "Speaking in Tongues" - go buy it NOW!-- during the opening bits of the Women's Final here??!!! Oh MY GOD! I love Eagles of Death Metal. In fact, one time, I saw them live, and I was all smashed up against the stage with all these, like, 2o yr olds and Jesse came out, looked at all of us and KISSED ME. Then he started his show. The rest of the show is a bit of a blur, cause I lost my mind.

Anyway, now Anita Baker is singing, and uh, she's much classier than Jess of EODM, but not as seeexxxxyyy.

They just showed Will Ferrell now, here at the end of the second set! He is my hero, in terms of tennis blogging! I try to imitate his tone, while blogging, meaning, his tone in the movies and SNL stuff he did.

What a great final! I wishCarillo hadn't had the mike. She fucked up in not letting them speak properly, But I love both these women. A great final.

Yours Truly,

Friday, September 5, 2008

Serena defeats Safina

Just saying that, Serena versus Safina, feels good. Good phrase. I am at the beginning of this match. But I will say this: I love their classy outfits. Serena looks great in the the red Nike dress and Safina is so cute in bright pink Adidas with matching pink hair thingies. Oh, man, Serena just went right at Safina at the net there. Ouch. I'm OK with that as play, but she screamed loudly while she did it. That is a bit intense. But, hey, she's here to win! Whatever it takes!

One thing; windy tennis? Sucks. Playing it myself, watching on TV, too.

Serena just took the first set.
Wow. Go Serena- she won. I like that little apology, and moreso, I like Safina saying no worries.

More soon.

Yours Truly,

Jankovic Defeats Dementieva

Well, I watched the mens' doubles final. That dude Dloulhy won the BINGHAMTON final I saw against the wacky double-handled raquetbearers, the Battistone brothers. Then, a few weeks later, he is on Center Court in NYC???!!! Wow, different stages. Incredible. Paes's speech was my favorite.

Then I watched the first set of Leni v JJ. This will be tough. JJ is a fave of guest blogger Rowan, and Leni is a fave of Rick Rock, also known as RR. Hmmm. Maybe I can get you two guys to say a thing of two about your ladyfriends performances?

Then I showered, which I should have done before 4:30pm, but hey, I did it. Then, when choosing what to wear, I thought a thing I often thought, which is, what clothing option will feel most like pajamas? Man, I am just gonna lie around watching tennis! And then I thought, I haven't left the house today? Is that right? And then I remembered I went out this morning and got cash and an egg and cheese sandwich at Ziad's. But hey, pretty much a day of sitting around watching TENNIS!!!!!! Hence, the PJ like outfit. That said, I don't really dig the college-girl-in-real-pjs-like-flannels wallking around the mall look. I wear my PJ look at home.

Carillo and JMac are arguing about JJs antics. JMac thought the chair was out of line to call a time warning at set point and Carillo was on the chair's side. I side with JMac there. People often gather themselves a bit longer in set point. Seconds here, we're talking. But I'm a softy on those issues- with Rafa, Nole, JJ. I also don't think raquet abuse should be a violation. But, on the other hand, I think back talk to the chair and cursing should be more heavily punished.

It's 3 All in the second and the way Leni hits the ball! Damn! My absolute FAVORITE groundstrokes. Flat hard deep.

Oh no. Leni just fell apart there at the end. DAMN. Well, JJ deserves the win. Not a great handshake, either. My bet is Serena wins hte whole thing. I'm sorry about Leni. JJ is talking right now and she has tears in her eyes! So emotional! I love Serbs.

More Later!

Yours Truly,

A Nice Djokovic/Roddick Fiasco Wrap-Up

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Djokovic says waaay too much

Well, it;s the beginning of the second set and I'm befuddled. This is not the match that Nole played against Cilic. Nor that Roddick played against..well anyone. What is going on here? Tentative shots. Bad tension instead of good tension. I stayed up waaay too late last night, too. Maybe that's it. It's gonna be a quick boring match, just for me, cause last night was TOO much great late night tennis!

More later.

And later-
Whoah. He was pissed. I hate Roddick. But man, Nole made a mistake being so frank. I read some interview with a - Lord help me- a fashion lady who was asked, "Do you ever lie'? She said, "all the time, it's called manners."

Let me say something about myself that maybe you will find funny or wrong. I am well travelled for a variety of reasons. People from Serbia? Different world. I haven't been there- but I've been all over Eastern Europe. It's- ahh- a wierd place. I wish he had an American PR person teaching him manners.

Yours Truly,

Nadal defeats Fish really really late at night after Serena gets the best of Venus

That's why I'm writing this the next day! Rafa just lawnmowered like Hewitt. Jonhnny Mac and Ted sounds half asleep. I stayed up reeeeeeeally late watching the sisters (I had it on the DVR) and man, that was awesome tennis. But I was half asleep and smokin and drinkin and I feel like crap. But it was sooo exciting! I think it was their best match against each other. I think I've seen them all. Although, many of them were a long time ago and people, my memory isn't that great. But, I will say that I THINK it was their best match.

Anyway, I've rolled out of bed to watch more tennis! Isn't that fascinating? Also, I am doing other stuff, like blogging.

Yours Truly,

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Murray Beats Del Potro - John McEnroe, Like R. Crumb, is Obsessed with People's Thighs

RR guest blogging:

Holy Crap! These guys are good at tennis! I have to say, this is a really good Open. There have been a lot of really nice battles - this one, Djokovic and Cilic (I have never seen anyone smack the ball as hard as... both of them towards the end. Just absolutely all out), Fed and Andreev, etc., etc, It's cool at the open when it gets late and the crowd gets drunk and kind of crazy and the players are just strung out and desperate. It's like the match is being played in the the 14th street subway station at 4AM! Anything can happen...

We are on the ladies, that's right, Serena and Venus, and immediately Johnny Mac is talking about Venus' thighs. Interestingly, because actually Serena is the more thigh-tastic of the two. He never stops talking about the ol' thighs. Not just the ladies by the way - he was eagerly anticipating Cilic's thighs filling out the other night. He couldn't wait! Of course, I've heard him piratically fall out of his chair talking about Leni's thighs - understandably. He just used the word "discombobulated", which made Paula happy. Anyway, Johnny Mac probably believes that the name of tennis should be changed to "thighball". He may be right, by the way, he knows a thing or two about it... both tennis and thighs. Some of those old pictures of him in the short shorts?? The original Thighmaster.

Back to the match - everyone says it's a shame the William's girls are meeting in the quarters. I dissent, because I think in a quarter final the stakes are HIGHER than a final. In the final, one gets to win but the other is the runner up. Here, the loser is out and the winner could, and very well may, go all the way. So you know they both want to win. Makes it interesting, although I sympathighs (whoops!) with them, it must be tough.

Back to the action - signing off, Rick Rock

Safina defeats Penetta

OK, I didn' nap, but it is the first day of school and so it wasn' a relaxing afternoon at home. It was busy and lots of talking and run aroundy. Also, I love both these ladies, but I have a feeling from the little attention I did give the match, that it was a straightforward match and maybe a bit hohum. I thought the same, honestly, of Gonzo/Roddick. Just not exciting stuff after all that good exciting stuff of yesterday and the day before.

I am hoping that this evening, I will have some "mommy cocktail private time" and my husband will take over and I can watch Del Potro and Murray. It's starting now on my DVR and- well, I hope this is a good one. Del Potro is my man for this one although all the commentators say its Murray's match to win. Hmm. Also, they keep talking about Safina's future being brighter than her brother's. He won two grand slams. Let her win one or two and then I'll gladly chime in. Until then, I think it's premature.

Yours Truly,

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Federer v. Andreev

Great match. I love Igor. I had a cat named Igor as a young girl. Now I have a cat named Rafa (and three others).
School starts tomorrow. I get sad when summer ends. Thank God for tennis.

And Muller is through? Tennis is so mysterious, like other things, like seasons changing and getting older.

And the Djokovic/Robredo match. GOOD stuff. I was hoping Robredo would pull through so I was a little sad. But man, there has been some good tennis. I napped, too. My son was tired and lying down and he said, "I'm going to take a tennis nap." I love that he said that.

Yours Truly,

Monday, September 1, 2008

Dkokovic defeats Cilic

That was the best tennis of the tournament so far by far. Unbelievable tennis. So hard hitting. Such focus. I think it may end up being the match of the whole tournament. That's what happens when you have two great players from two countries that were recently, uh, one. I am absolutely MAD for Cilic now, that is for sure. Cilic, Gulbis, Del Potro, Nishikoro. Exciting time in men's tennis, although , wierdly, none of them are crazy hot. But I say, give them a few years to fill out and stuff.

Yours Truly,