Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, September 5, 2008

Jankovic Defeats Dementieva

Well, I watched the mens' doubles final. That dude Dloulhy won the BINGHAMTON final I saw against the wacky double-handled raquetbearers, the Battistone brothers. Then, a few weeks later, he is on Center Court in NYC???!!! Wow, different stages. Incredible. Paes's speech was my favorite.

Then I watched the first set of Leni v JJ. This will be tough. JJ is a fave of guest blogger Rowan, and Leni is a fave of Rick Rock, also known as RR. Hmmm. Maybe I can get you two guys to say a thing of two about your ladyfriends performances?

Then I showered, which I should have done before 4:30pm, but hey, I did it. Then, when choosing what to wear, I thought a thing I often thought, which is, what clothing option will feel most like pajamas? Man, I am just gonna lie around watching tennis! And then I thought, I haven't left the house today? Is that right? And then I remembered I went out this morning and got cash and an egg and cheese sandwich at Ziad's. But hey, pretty much a day of sitting around watching TENNIS!!!!!! Hence, the PJ like outfit. That said, I don't really dig the college-girl-in-real-pjs-like-flannels wallking around the mall look. I wear my PJ look at home.

Carillo and JMac are arguing about JJs antics. JMac thought the chair was out of line to call a time warning at set point and Carillo was on the chair's side. I side with JMac there. People often gather themselves a bit longer in set point. Seconds here, we're talking. But I'm a softy on those issues- with Rafa, Nole, JJ. I also don't think raquet abuse should be a violation. But, on the other hand, I think back talk to the chair and cursing should be more heavily punished.

It's 3 All in the second and the way Leni hits the ball! Damn! My absolute FAVORITE groundstrokes. Flat hard deep.

Oh no. Leni just fell apart there at the end. DAMN. Well, JJ deserves the win. Not a great handshake, either. My bet is Serena wins hte whole thing. I'm sorry about Leni. JJ is talking right now and she has tears in her eyes! So emotional! I love Serbs.

More Later!

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R.C. French said...

I woke up yesterday morning and was like, oh snap, Jelena, and turned on the computer and saw she had won, yesssss. Sounds like it could have gone either way. I like Leni, she'll totally win the next Grand Slam final she makes. But still, yesssss.

JJ's head to head with Serena is not bad at all, 3-3. She can do it.