Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Final Day of the Davis Cup Semis, 2008 -- UPDATED!

Nadal is up 5/0 in the second. I am not surprised really, and Roddick can't invent a new game for himself to suddenly play good clay court tennis. He hits hard through the ball, the clay diffuses the power, and then Nadal hits the ball back, maybe Roddick is at the net, maybe just ready on the baseline, and Rafa hits a crazy spinny shot either past Roddick, or deep in the corner on the baseline.

I was gone all weekend and do know that my man NALBANDIAN won his first singles match, lost with Canas in the doubles, but Argentina and Spain look to be meeting in the finals- I'll know for sure later tonight. I just have to think this: if life is so perfect that Argentina and Spain would be in the Davis Cup final, than how come other great things like world peace and an end to global warming can't happen, too? You know? I mean to say, there is a God and he loves us. Otherwise, it would be a Russia/US final. So I just want God to show his love for us by doing other great things, like ending malaria in Africa. But I'm glad he's showing us he's there in SOME way. You know, burning bush- great show- but we are all waiting for some other God is miraculous and loves us stuff. (Also, I want Argentina to win the whole thing....not sure on that and how God feels about that, since Spain could easily defeat Argentina in the final.)

That said, my house STINKS of cat pee. I ordered a bunch of new products and also did tons of research and I am going to try all new stuff and more litter boxes and if nothing works- it'll be prozac for the old dudes. I did read something about a cat going from outdoor to indoor having real adjustment problems. But I'll put more of this mind boggling info on my other blog.

Well, Roddick got bageled in the Bull Ring.

Roddick is being amusing and even enjoying himself and I really, really don't like him in general, but I am very impressed with him right now. He's not naive enough (stupid?) to anger this crowd, so he can't pull off his nasty behavior to the chair stuff he does everywhere else. So, this is perhaps the best way for me to watch Roddick: on clay, in Spain, against a Spaniard, and knowing any crap he pulls will get him pelted with beer bottles.

Argentina did indeed win their tie and what the hell is wrong with my man Nalbandian??!! I hate all the gossip from the US commentators about his stomach being chubby, his fitness, his dedication, etc... You know, F you. I really think something else is going on. I think he is having a serious crisis (a la Gasquet). No one played better than David a year ago. No one. He beat Nadal, Federer and Djokovic- the 1,2 and 3 in the world- in Madrid, and then the next week, beat all three again, in Paris. And he had a new coach and was playing better than ever. So what gives? I feel it really isn't anything less than a serious crisis of faith- in himself, in tennis, in what he wants from his time on this earth. I do know he wants to win this Cup and I really, really hope they do. I hope he can find that strength everyone knows he has.

Rock on, DEL POTRO!! Damn, I love the Argentines. Did you see how psyched they were?! SO emotional.

Yours Truly,

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John said...

A very happy day for me as Argentina will play in the final. Spain will be a tough opposition but there is other aspect of our game that we can use against them.

Del Potro has been the newest sensantion in World Tennis. It will be interesting clash when he takes on Nadal.

He proved himself against the best such as Davydenko or even Roddick. Can't wait for the final.

Anyway, what is your opinion about the Arganrina/Russia game?