Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fed Cup Final 2008, Spain v. Russia and the ATP Calendar!!!!

OK, everyone looks orange on my TV. Zvonareva is not surprisingly whooping Medina Garrrigues's booty. Here is my question: how the hell did Spain even get to the final? Huh? We all know why Russia did. That said, man, I wish I were in Madrid right now, eating a huge almuerzo at El Lando and then going to the Prado and then having a nap (maybe Verdasco could join me for my nap? He's a Madrileno...) and then eating again, maybe some albondigas in the Plaza Mayor. I also would watch tennis. Yes, I would.

Well, it's over. Nice handshake. Poor Spain. Zvonareva cracks me up. No one had meltdowns like she did a few years back. Lately, she's calmed down. I sort of miss her crazy freaking out crying and throwing stuff and screaming in Russian. But probably, she's better off not being like that. So I am happy for her.

Suarez-Navarro v. Kuzi is next. This should be a much tighter match. Suarez-Navarro got to the quarters at the French. So. We'll see.

So far, so bored. BUT- two things. The ATP CALENDAR??!!! Oh my God. I am so getting it right now. Now I can cancel my suscription to Playgirl. But here is another ad that is more interesting than the tennis but not as heart thumping: No one, I repeat no one, in my house gets the Billi Jean King and Caveman Geico Ad. So, she's beating him. And he didn't know. And then he knows and quits? I feel like we are missing something here.

I miss my cats, but not their stink. I am away without them right now.

Another thing- Kuzi is basically a Spaniard, so I am confused right now as to how she can be playing against Spain.

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