Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, September 19, 2008

Nalbandian Beats Andreev, Davis Cup 2008!

WOOHOOO!!!! Go David! I love you. I missed the match but will watch the replay. Right now, I am watching the very interesting golf carts drive around smoothing the clay in Argentina. Zamboni-esqe is right, said by Leif. And you know, I love hockey, too.

Del Potro now is up against Davydenko. Del Potro really broke out this year as he was predicted by many to do so, except for me. I was wrong. But Davy has a ton of experience in high pressure situations. So we'll see. I'm rooting for the tall Argentine, of course. I was in Buenos Aires last March. I played at the Guillermo Vilas Tennis Club, which was just down the road from the one where this is all taking place. It was so incredible. I have never seen so many insanely handsome men in one tennis club in all my life. Coria came out and played on the court that my kids were on. Vilas was hanging out at the front desk, checking his cell phone. I was, uh, in heaven.

Oh my God, now they are talking about how Russia beat them a few years back. I saw all of that and was so SOOO Sad.

Del Potro up 5/1 in the first set and they just showed Gaudio in the audience. And Zapaleta. I know Gaudio is a nut bar, but that French Open where he beat Coria in five- it was a stunner. Not in terms of great tennis, but great tension and excitement. I walked by him in Toronto that year and man, his ass is so wide and huge. Run, run run. A butt muscle to beat all other butt

Now they just showed Chucho, also known as Acasuso, passing along a Mate cup with those funky straw like things- I think they call them keys?- to another Argentine. Mmm. I had some Mate yesterday, but not out of one of those cool Argentine cup/key thingies. I had mine out of a mug. In fact, I'm going to go make myself one now. Del Potro is just whomping away here. Nice.

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John said...

What a performance from both David Nalbandian and Juan Martin Del Potro. Neither did had much that much touble against the Russians.

I was expecting a close game between Del Potro and Davydenko. But the Russians just proves that he does not have the motivation to be in this team.

Now we will look forward to the double and I do hope that Argentina will close this tie by today.

So what did you think about Nalbandian and Del Potro performance? Would certainly love to hear fom you.