Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Serena Williams defeats Jelena Jankovic

I missed the men's semis cause I was out of town with friends who DON'T HAVE CABLE OR A DISH??!! I love them and I had a great great weekend. And, you know, I watch lots of tennis.

But I'm BACK!!!!! Rowan, I'm so happy your girl JJ won. And I am just about to watch JJ v. Serena!! I am a happy lady. Also, did you all hear the Eagles of Death Metal's amazing song "Speaking in Tongues" - go buy it NOW!-- during the opening bits of the Women's Final here??!!! Oh MY GOD! I love Eagles of Death Metal. In fact, one time, I saw them live, and I was all smashed up against the stage with all these, like, 2o yr olds and Jesse came out, looked at all of us and KISSED ME. Then he started his show. The rest of the show is a bit of a blur, cause I lost my mind.

Anyway, now Anita Baker is singing, and uh, she's much classier than Jess of EODM, but not as seeexxxxyyy.

They just showed Will Ferrell now, here at the end of the second set! He is my hero, in terms of tennis blogging! I try to imitate his tone, while blogging, meaning, his tone in the movies and SNL stuff he did.

What a great final! I wishCarillo hadn't had the mike. She fucked up in not letting them speak properly, But I love both these women. A great final.

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Oryem said...

I know it was so wack the way she grabbed the mike from Jelena as if she was suprised that a grand slam finalist might actually want to make a speech!

paula said...

Exactly oryem! Carillo is an idiot who drives me nuts but the mistake she made grabbing the mike is just TOO much. Someone needs to get rid of her and hire a persn who is not an idiot.