Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Monday, September 8, 2008

Roger Federer Wins his Fifth US Open Title!

First Set:
Well, it was All Federer in that first set. In fact, it went so quickly that I got a little sad. I like to savor my tennis.

Second Set:
Nice break and break back? What next??! Wow, Murray is stepping up his game. It's like all that crazy energy of the match and the moment is messing with his head in a good way. OK, there was a bad line call. OK, Murray didn't stop play. You know, and now the dumbest person in tennis, Carillo is getting all fussy. Barf. Yeah, the system isn't perfect, but it's NEW. Like, uh, not so long ago, it didn't exist? OK, this is not haternet. So I'll take a deep breath. Also, I'm really digging the tennis. These guys are good at tennis.

OK, again, Mary Carillo has a point. But it's NEW. I agree with her, but understandably, you have to make changes in increments. Now this is interesting, JMac talking about how things used to be in clay, where you could hit twenty more shots and then question a call, and you would win the point!?? Life is strange. They stopped doing THAT. Probably good, right? I know Rick Rock is a big proponent of all electronic line calls and in truth, so am I. But I do understand how a body of government, the APT and WTA in this case, has to take thing a bit slowly. But maybe that's me being too compassionate to peeps I don't really know or like. That could be.

Also, Flomotion? I like it!!!! Does that make me stupid? Oh wait, I may have been stupid even before I liked Flomotion, so perhaps my actually liking of flomotion isn't the actual reason I am stupid. BUT- it may be a symptom of my being sort of dumbish. Or just a jolly tennis watcher with a desire to be like a Will Ferrelll character, whithout the peeing on myself part (anyone see that on SNL? Dude really peed on himself is my analysis.)

WHOOOOAH! GO Rog. What fantastic aggressive play to take the second. I thought he should have come in earlier in that final point, but hey, perhaps Rog is better at knowing how to play tennis than me. So he waited- and than hit that great PASS! Nice nice tennis.

HE WON! He won by playing his best tennis. Murray did not choke, Rog just played so well. God, that was great tennis. Murray really upped his game to make it a good third set. I am so happy for Rog, the first man to win five US Open titles since Tildon??!! I feel so lucky to be alive to watch this great moment in tennis.

Yours Truly,


Darby said...

nice play by play! I was stuck in a cubicle so I tried to watch it through streaming video and act like I was really working, but it kept choking on me. I need to get tivo, or something like it.

R.C. French said...

Roger Federer is the jam.

paula said...

Thanks Darby and good to hear from you, Rowan. I'm so sad and lonely today without tennis but I know Davis Cup is starting soon...US v. Spain...I'll be rooting for Spain.