Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Me and Ted Robinson, and, JJ vs. Sveta in China

Rick Rock guest blogging, because....

Last week I sat next to Ted Robinson on a plane from SF to NYC! Ted Robinson is the commentator who usually is the straight man to Johnny Mac on NBC. And he's pretty straight - despite the immense quantities of tennis we watch, I wasn't sure it was him., or if it was, exactly what his name was. I was like, hmm this guy looks familiar... is that Ted Robinson? Er, is it Roberson? Tim? I can't remember! We call him "Fish Eyeballs" at home, which isn't nice. Now that I've met him I won't call him that anymore. Ted if you read this, sorry! Needless to say I didn't mention our little nickname, when I eventually spoke to him.

Which was right at the end of the flight. I was a little shy... and he was pretty busy. The guy read through 4 or 5 sports magazines, and was on the Internet (Wifi on the plane now!) reading sports blogs and following like 3 different baseball games! I was actually impressed. By the way no booze for Ted - just tea. Getting all wired and freaking out on baseball!!!

So eventually I break the ice... and he is really quite jittery. Is it the tea, or is he irritated that I am bugging him? I think the former, because seriously folks, this is Ted Robinson, not J Lo, I doubt he gets hassled by fans that much. But I tell him I am a big tennis fan, and have enjoyed his commentary on many occasions. I don't mention some of the negative things I might, like how he fawns over the American players and ignores everyone else. Partly out of politeness, but also let's just not go there people, enough with the negativity, I'm not going in for the Hater-net thing.

So we chat a little. Can Federer get back to number 1? Maybe - Rafa will have a lot of points to defend next year and Roger does seem healthy again, finally. He calls out Monfils as someone to watch (to which I reply, Del Potro). He lives in SF, which he calls "a great tennis town". I bring up Brad Gilbert, and he is visibly irritated - "he's the LOUDEST player from the area". He mentions another pro from the 90's who I don't know - Jared somebody I think. Have to look it up.

We talk about what a great year it's been, which he qualifies with "on the men's tour".
I don't agree by the way - the WTA is just wide open, and I think that's fun and exciting! You never know what is going to happen. Implicit is the whole ting about when JJ was number 1 and not deserving it. I'm watching JJ in another final as I write this, basically kicking Kuzy's ass. It's time for JJ to get the respect she deserves! And let's not underestimate her consistency, hard work and grinding it out. And she has game - Kuzy is a big server, and JJ is just destroying her on the return, despite an 80% first serve percentage.

JJ also does not get respect for hotness. Ana is so pretty, bla bla bla, but nothing about JJ. I think she's HOTTER than Ivanovic! There, I've said it. More fun, she's got a little more fire in her eyes.... mmm.... naughty!

Anyway, signing off - RR

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