Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Go Juan Carlos!

RR Here - I forgot! Have to quickly say GO JCF! Unbelievable to beat Gonzalez, and then destroy Simon. WTF!??!

That's all - RR out

Lisicki, Azarenka Are Gonna Have To Wait

RR Here -

So Lisicki and Azarenka are gonna have to wait. They are pretty good at tennis, but not as good as some of them other ladies. Actually I haven't seen the end of the Serena-Vica natch yet, but I am using my powers of deduction, based on the crushing awesomeness that Serena seems to be bringing to the affair.

There was another girl that was like who the hell are you, you are kind of awesome. Oh yeah, Oudin. So it's kind of fun to be like, is it a fluke or...? Actually we knew about Oudin, from the Fed cup tie with Argentina. As I recall Dulko beat her, but she beat the other girl whose name is escaping me. Ok I looked it up, Betina Jozami. Awesome name. Who by the way was kind of a beast - but Dulko, who's kind of little , and Oudin who seems tiny although thick, were much, much better. Tennis is funny like that. Our boys were at the Billie Jean King tennis place here in NYC, where the Open is, at tennis camp last week. (They are awesome - ok at tennis, but awesome at being boys). I saw this tiny maybe 12 year old girl who was like, BLAM. She was not in the camp, she was doing some heavy private coaching scene. I dug hanging around there... I was late for work a few times...

Lisicki - I don't know. I'm thinking she's not headed for the top 10. The announcerators were talking about how huge her serve is - for some reason I couldn't see it. Then Serena comes on and it's like, ok THAT'S a big serve. Axarenka on the other hand is clearly headed for some Boss-dom. In fact she is up a break in the second - did I speak to soon?

I played tennis with a guy, Yev, from Belarus today. I quickly name-dropped Azarenka, as well as Max Mirnyi, to let him know I was with it. I enjoyed playing, until, it was really humid at Midtown Tennis over the grocery store on 8th ave, and I started sweating so much I was actually not sure there was any moisture left in my body at all. And that freaked me out. I just started sweating again thinking about it. I use the same racket as Azarenka. But there the similarity ends.

I wanted quickly to note how suck-ass it is that Troicki is allergic to grass - so someone said. What if a major tennis tournament was played on cat hair? If so I would play P there because she is kind of allergic to cats. Even tho we have 4 of them. Other cats. I would make sure the court was made of hair from cats other than ours. And I would WIN! Because she would be blinded by tears and puffery and mucus and so on. Anyway that's what Troicki had to deal with, I guess. He would have lost to Murray anyway tho.

Bye - RR

Monday, June 29, 2009

Making Friends Makes For Upsets, Sometimes

The Wav (Wawrinka) has not yet upset Mr. Murray, but like The Kuz (Kuznetsova), who made friends with the Williams sisters, making friends (they keep talking about how Wav and Murray practiced together and are friendly) gives the Wav an edge other players don't have. I blogged about how I thought that Kuz making friendly with Serena ruined the intimidation factor and helped give her the win at the French. I say the same thing here. But this one is not over. We're on serve in the second, actually.

A couple of observations-
What is with Murray always "come on-ing" the Wav's mistakes? Eh. Not so crazy about that.

Observation numero 2-
Jamie, Andy's brother FLIRTING outrageously in the stands. He's nuts. I love him. Andy? Not really loving him. But whatever.

Yours Truly,

Safina defeats Mauresmo, Karlovic defeats Verdasco

OK- Mauresmo said "congratulations" at the handshake, but her face betrayed her. I love Safina, but I wanted the older to win- Mauresmo.....waah. Former champion- Safina doesn't like grass...I was hoping for Mauresmo. Sigh. At least I LIKE Safina. At least the Mo, as we call Mauresmo, didn't lose to somebody I don't like.

Which brings me to Karlovic. I like him. He stutters. He's a goofily tall man from a shitty part of the world. He should not have done that spanking motion upon his win. Truthfully, like the above match discussed, I like both players, but Safina was a class act and Karlovic acted like a butthead, so now I REALLY wish Verdasco had won. Really, really. Sigh.

More tennis- maybe less sighing? Maybe some joy? We'll see. It could be worse. At least Azarenka pulled through. I have money on her!

Yours Truly,

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ally Bank Hates Children and I Hate Their Ads During Wimbledon

During Wimbledon, there are these ads by this bank, Ally Bank. I hate these ads. They mentally torture these cute little kids by giving them some toy and then taking it away, or giving a girl a toy pony and the other a real pony. Perhaps the kids are just acting? That could be. Or - they could really be torturing thes poor little kids! If they are doing that, they are a very bad bank and I would never give them my money! If the kids are acting, they are doing a very good job and acting and I find it painful to watch, even if I know it is not real. And that pain makes me not want to use Ally Bank.

Ally Bank! Stop torturing me!
Thank you.

Also- I'm sorry I haven't been posting much. Please don't give up on me and please keep coming by and visiting! I will post everyday there is tennis from now on. Pinkie Promise.

Yours Truly,

Oudin Defeats Jankovic

Man, tennis is massaging my brain really nicely. I wish it would never go away.

That said, I'm sad Ferrer lost. I also want Wawrinka to win. Hm. I also wanted Stosur to win- she is SOOO butch and cool. I like her. I also wanted Jelena to win and even though I'm American ( and I know you all know this since all I do is love on the Spanish dudes) I am not so happy that Oudin won. Why is that? I'm not very patriotic. I just like who I like regardless of their nationality. As Sam Pink says, "melt your nationality". He's right.

OK, it's really late and I haven't showered- too busy watching tennis! I think I will shower now and then beg my husband to feed me apples and cheddar.

Life is Beautiful. I am very grateful to be alive and watching tennis. I am the luckiest person on earth.

Also, I was sad to see Hewitt defeat Del Potro. You know how Del Potro does the sign of the cross and looks to heaven after a win? (So cute.) I think he should do it even when he loses. Because, like, life is so great. And he's a fortunate, wonderful athelete. Just a thought.

Yours Truly,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wimbledon 2009!

I'm having a moment where the savagery of winning and losing is impressed upon me.

We are happy Dulko beat Maria. I will someday have something witty to say? I hope so.

Yours Truly,

Monday, June 8, 2009

Roger Federer Defeats Robin Soderling

We are happy for the Roger. Robin did not play nearly as well as he did prior to this match. He had that "I'm just happy to be here because I really shouldn't be here" thing going on. Wierdly, he behaved well against the Rog- so I think his thing with Rafa- the acting like a dick thing- is very personal. So strange.

It was upsetting to see that crazy guy get so close to Roger. I read he was waving a Barcelona football flag. I was amazed at how composed Roger was so shortly afterward. But since the Monica Seles stabbing- it's just not amusing for a crazed fan to get that close to a player.

Anyway, I have that sad--Now what do I do?--thing going on because for two weeks, my life was wonderful and a life lived bathing in tennis every day. Now-silence.

It's cool- Wimby will be here soon. This French had so many surprises and I think that Wimby will, too. As much as I love Rafa and love the Williams' sisters' game, it's also cool when things get shaken up a bit.

Yours Truly,

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sorry On The Baseline News -had to take you off! AND! Kuznetsova Defeats Safina!

RR Here -

Sorry On The Baseline news - we had to take your widget off, because we are always DVR'ing and trying not to see results, and P accidentally saw a little peek, because we have to look at the blog! So, no news widget on the blog. P valiantly hid the fact that she saw the result, from me. She is so thoughtful. I had seen the result of the Fed-Delpo on the ticker in Times Square (@#*^&*@ ! ticker) and I hid it from her for like a day and a half! We try to look out for each other... our life is basically ruled by avoiding people and things to not see results of matches we have DVR'ed... AAGGHH!!!!!

Now we have seen the match - so happy for Sveta, people had really counted her out, and now she is free. Super sad for Safina, she is so cute, first thing she does is thank the ball boys... If she were wearing the teddy bear t-shirt she wore in the Madrid ceremony I think my head would explode! Cute overload.

These Russian ladies are so tight-knit, so sweet to each other, it's really remarkable - similar to the Spanish men, except girly. The Spanish guys are all toughly there for each other, like they swap models and so on. I guess? I really don't know. But we did see Rafa and Feli and David Ferrer all hanging out in Toronto all spanishly.

What is up with Sveta's coach rocking the giant trucker hat?

RR out

Men's Semis - We're Behind!

RR Here -

We are behind and only now just finishing up the Federer-Delpo match. We are in total lockdown so we don't hear the result. Don't say anything!

We are now in the 5th, and Fed seems to be finding the formula. Hey there's Charlotte Gainsbourg i nthe audience! THey didn't say anything, I don't think they know who she is. But let's just say Johnny Mac and Lief are an awesome comentation team. No fronting. It's a commentation demonstration - Gimmel and Fowler and all you douchebags take note!

I am free associating... Federer big chance career slam bla bla bla...

Gonzo and Soderling - Gonzo is a dick, and Soderling is a dick. SO it was the "Pick your Dick" match! P was rooting for Soderling. I didn't really get to watch it. Weirdly, I saw the exact some moment - Soderling shanking an overhead down 1-4 in the 3rd - like 3 times, walking by various TV screens, like in the cafeteria at work. Weird? One moment, frozen in time...

P just said that she is adding Del Potro to the list. He has grown up a bit. He used to be really weird looking, but he is becoming more of a stub. That's what P says. I wouldn't know of course.

4 big hitting power players in the semis - not a dirtballer among them. The little bit of Gonzo-Soderling I saw was like, BOOM, BOOM, then someone steps in and ends the point. Well maybe tat was the 5th set. But it's weird right? 4 big hitters playing a full on power game. Tons of big serving. With the exception of Fed using the drop shot very effectively against Delpo.

HOly crap Fed s up a break in the 5th - alright everyone knows the result already except us - gonna go get caught up! COME ON FED! I like Delpo and I'm not one of those all-fed-all-the-time people, but I am for Fed, YEAH!

RR out

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kuznetsova defeats Stosur

This might be my favorite match of the whole tournament. These two are such great sports, such fantastic atheletes- I could just stare at Stosur's pipes all day long. I want to be that buff. For real. I am disappointed that Kuz didn't win the second and win in straights, but God this is such a great match!

Mary Jo thinks Stosur is going to win the third. I have no fricking idea who is going to win. I thought Serena would win and Kuz pulled it out.

Kuzy is up a break in the third! I like the way Brad Gilbert can't actually pronounce Kuznetsova. That is tooo funny. He says Kuzy not just to be cute and nicknamey, but because he can't say Kuznetsova.

I think it's possible that we will have a all Russian final, and frankly, I think it could go either way- Kuz or Safina. It could also be a good opposed to a boring one. (Sometimes, the final is a serious letdown. )

WOW! Did she go for her shots or what? I love THE KUZERATOR! I like Safina too. So, thefinal will be painful- I'll be all conflicted. It's easier when you really, really want one person to win. I will not be feeling that way. I'll be cringing, confused, elated, tortured...ah, tennis.

Yours Truly,

Safina defeats Cibulkova

Yeah Safina!!!! She didn't choke. She started talking to herself too much, but I forgive her. I actually like that about her- her "I'm a crazy emotional Russian!" thing she has going on. I just don't like it when it affects her game super badly, ,and it didn't in this case.

I will say that Cubulkova played well, better than the score showed, and I'm excited to see where she will go with her tennis in the next few years.

Right now I am watching The Kuzerator against Stosur. Brad says, "maybe she could bring the crowd into it" in regard to Stosur being behind in the score. (Kuz won the first set). And you know, that is so Brad. Winning Ugly, the name of his book. I think I read it. I must have? But still, just a nasty way to approach a game. He's so nasty, and yet, I find him amusing and less irritating than, say, Chris Fowler, also known as "the man who has nothing nice to say, or nothing interesting, either."

Which brings me to - Serena disappointed me in her press conference. That said, I hate losing to.

Yours Truly,

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Svetlana Kuznetsova defeats Serena Williams

You know, Sveta looks so comfortable out there. She's not choking, she won the first set, and now she's up 4/1 in the second, having thrown in a solid ace to close out the last game.

I think all this talk "they're friends" and "I'm not intimidated by her anymore, maybe I was in the beginning, but you play each other week and week..." very interesting. Mystique is so important in tennis, especially with some players. It's because tennis is soo mental!!!

Also, Serena was on the record that someone hit on her in the locker room and she said, "I like guys". In my mind, this was always Sveta. And since then, Sveta has accepted that Serena is straight, but has this mental relationship with Serena, this friendship that has this underlying, "you know what I want to do to you" thing going on.

OK, couldn't serve it, the Sveta, and Serena upped her play to break her. It's not over! Sveta looks frustrated. I do think the longer this match goes, the more of a chance Serena has to win, even though she's behind in the score now. That's just my feeling, that she could wear Sveta down, physically and mentally. I really need to go shower and clean cat pee but I have to watch the end of this set first, right?

Also, I think that Sveta's fall on the clay really helped to unhinge her. I want to wipe that clay out of her hair! She got a ballboy to help wipe some of it off, but she was playing points with clay on her face and she still has it in her hair! I just think that's really distracting to me as a viewer and if I were playing, I would work a bit harder at wiping that off before continuing play.

WHAT A THIRD SET!!! My only problem is they kept showing us the beginning of Monfils and Federer. Now, I am interested in Monfils and Federer, but man- the end of matches is more exciting than the beginnings TV people!!!

Anyway, very cool- maybe Kuzerator will win a slam? Again? I hope so. She's a cutey.

More soon.
Yours Truly,

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cibulkova Almost Double Bagels Sharapova???

Oh my.

Well, it didn't happen. But this match, which they showed very little of, due to the speed of it and Murray and Gonzo playing at the same time, is quite a surprise. Sharapova running out of gas "matchwise" due to lack of match play?

I give lots of credit to Cibulkova, mind you.

The end bit there- all of a sudden, Sharapova's play gets much much more aggressive. You have to admire that crazy fighting spirit. That said, I'm super happy about this upset. Cibulkova is Slovak, her boyfriend is Austrian (Meltzer) and- yeah. I'm from their neck of the woods. And I'm not a huge Maria fan. So yeah, feeling good today! Nice upstet AND Safina came through!

I'm not so happy about Soderling crushing Davydenko. But I won't focus on that right now.
Yours Truly,

Toni Nadal Says Something WIth Which I Must Agree

"La gente que fundamenta su felicidad en la derrota de alguien, me parece una felicidad pobre"-
Toni Nadal

This doesn't just apply to tennis, but to life in general I think. Read the article in El Pais by clicking here.

Yours Truly,

Safina defeats Azarenka

Well, this is what I see here at the beginning of the second set. Safina, thanks somewhat to the media, feels all the pressure and even if she didn't Azarenka would still be capable of beating her, no doubt, but Safina cannot slow this down or relax.

I hope this changes. I like Azarenka's game- she beat Serena recently and could win this whole thing, unless she experiences some sort of let down, previously written about in regard to Szavay-but I'd like to see Safina perform well. And I hate blowouts.

It's not over yet.

Safina broke! Granted, Azarenka gave her some doubles. Gotta love that she smiled about them. This is a battle of nerves, as is so often the case. It could calm down into a tennis battle. I mean, it is still a tennis battle, as tennis is a mental game, not just a physical game, like all games, even Monopoly, and boxing, and bridge, and football and rock, paper scissors!

OK, Safina is playing MUCH better now. Azarenka's backhand needs to be avoided. Holy Cow. I agree with Martina and Rennae Stubbs here. Although now she just lost a forehand to forehand rally.

Anyhoo. This is no blowout. Thanks Tennis Gods! That said, they are back on serve here and Azarenka just hit a killer down the line winner.

Safina takes the second set! Yeah. Now this is tennis.

I fear Azarenka will come back in the third-and I like her, but I'd like to see Safina win--because they seem to be seesawing a bit here. I am hoping for a long, nasty fight in the third. Like the Jankovic match yesterday. The kind of third set that makes your heart beat fast. I'll report back and let you know what actually happens.

Well! I wouldn't call it a thrilling third set! But I am happy Safina pulled it together and that was really fun to watch. But here's a thought- she won't be able to do it against. Serena. Now, I could be wrong, but mentally, Serena is SO tough in the later matches. In an early match, Serena can lose, but the longer she stays in a match, the harder it is to beat her.

Oh, I love the quarters. The round of sixteen is my favorite day of tennis, but the quarters rock pretty hard.

Yours Truly,

Monday, June 1, 2009

Cristea Defeats Jankovic

I have nothing against Cristea- I like her game- but I was sad to see Jankovic go down. Jelena really seemed worn down at the end- the crowd was being awful to her, I keep meaning to do a big post about how the French crowds are the worst in the world--and she just didn't have any down the line winners I feel I know she can hit. She just looped the ball back to Cristea, over and over again. I will say the rallies were great- really long and great, almost painful to watch them sometimes, Good God, they are such trememdous athletes--and Jankovic played well. But in the end, Cristea would load up and crack the winner and Jankovic just did not do that.

Now I watch Monfils and Roddick. I think Monfils can win this. I hope he does.

Sorry this post was so boring. For excitement and my generally goofball postiness, please read the one below, where I talk about s&m and prostitution.

Yours Truly,

Sad Day For Me

Two things- I checked my yahoo email yesterday and saw the results to the Nadal match before I'd watched it. Sigh.

I wouldn't have minded Nadal losing, but not to Soderling. NO! Wah.

And today? 6 hours, not taped? Why? Why TV Gods, have you forsaken me??? Anyway, now I'm watching ESPN coverage. I prefer the Tennis Channel. Bud Collins makes my blood boil. And Chris Fowler? He strikes me as a sadist. I would like to say something like "dude needs to get laid" but I actually think that as a sadist, he probably does wierd sadistic things to poor teenage sex worker slaves trafficked from foreign countries.

OK, that was a bit rough. I'm grumpy because of the no taping thing.

I like Brad OK. He's funny and smart at least. He is annoying, too. But he's my fave talking head amongst the dude tennis talkers who I will be spending the rest of my day with.

Yours Truly,