Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lisicki, Azarenka Are Gonna Have To Wait

RR Here -

So Lisicki and Azarenka are gonna have to wait. They are pretty good at tennis, but not as good as some of them other ladies. Actually I haven't seen the end of the Serena-Vica natch yet, but I am using my powers of deduction, based on the crushing awesomeness that Serena seems to be bringing to the affair.

There was another girl that was like who the hell are you, you are kind of awesome. Oh yeah, Oudin. So it's kind of fun to be like, is it a fluke or...? Actually we knew about Oudin, from the Fed cup tie with Argentina. As I recall Dulko beat her, but she beat the other girl whose name is escaping me. Ok I looked it up, Betina Jozami. Awesome name. Who by the way was kind of a beast - but Dulko, who's kind of little , and Oudin who seems tiny although thick, were much, much better. Tennis is funny like that. Our boys were at the Billie Jean King tennis place here in NYC, where the Open is, at tennis camp last week. (They are awesome - ok at tennis, but awesome at being boys). I saw this tiny maybe 12 year old girl who was like, BLAM. She was not in the camp, she was doing some heavy private coaching scene. I dug hanging around there... I was late for work a few times...

Lisicki - I don't know. I'm thinking she's not headed for the top 10. The announcerators were talking about how huge her serve is - for some reason I couldn't see it. Then Serena comes on and it's like, ok THAT'S a big serve. Axarenka on the other hand is clearly headed for some Boss-dom. In fact she is up a break in the second - did I speak to soon?

I played tennis with a guy, Yev, from Belarus today. I quickly name-dropped Azarenka, as well as Max Mirnyi, to let him know I was with it. I enjoyed playing, until, it was really humid at Midtown Tennis over the grocery store on 8th ave, and I started sweating so much I was actually not sure there was any moisture left in my body at all. And that freaked me out. I just started sweating again thinking about it. I use the same racket as Azarenka. But there the similarity ends.

I wanted quickly to note how suck-ass it is that Troicki is allergic to grass - so someone said. What if a major tennis tournament was played on cat hair? If so I would play P there because she is kind of allergic to cats. Even tho we have 4 of them. Other cats. I would make sure the court was made of hair from cats other than ours. And I would WIN! Because she would be blinded by tears and puffery and mucus and so on. Anyway that's what Troicki had to deal with, I guess. He would have lost to Murray anyway tho.

Bye - RR

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