Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kuznetsova defeats Stosur

This might be my favorite match of the whole tournament. These two are such great sports, such fantastic atheletes- I could just stare at Stosur's pipes all day long. I want to be that buff. For real. I am disappointed that Kuz didn't win the second and win in straights, but God this is such a great match!

Mary Jo thinks Stosur is going to win the third. I have no fricking idea who is going to win. I thought Serena would win and Kuz pulled it out.

Kuzy is up a break in the third! I like the way Brad Gilbert can't actually pronounce Kuznetsova. That is tooo funny. He says Kuzy not just to be cute and nicknamey, but because he can't say Kuznetsova.

I think it's possible that we will have a all Russian final, and frankly, I think it could go either way- Kuz or Safina. It could also be a good opposed to a boring one. (Sometimes, the final is a serious letdown. )

WOW! Did she go for her shots or what? I love THE KUZERATOR! I like Safina too. So, thefinal will be painful- I'll be all conflicted. It's easier when you really, really want one person to win. I will not be feeling that way. I'll be cringing, confused, elated, tortured...ah, tennis.

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Anonymous said...

Apparently Brad is not alone - every pronunciation of Kuznetzova I heard at the French Open, including the umpires, got it wrong: there is no emphasis on the "e". Like most Russian names, each syllable has approximately the same weight.