Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Svetlana Kuznetsova defeats Serena Williams

You know, Sveta looks so comfortable out there. She's not choking, she won the first set, and now she's up 4/1 in the second, having thrown in a solid ace to close out the last game.

I think all this talk "they're friends" and "I'm not intimidated by her anymore, maybe I was in the beginning, but you play each other week and week..." very interesting. Mystique is so important in tennis, especially with some players. It's because tennis is soo mental!!!

Also, Serena was on the record that someone hit on her in the locker room and she said, "I like guys". In my mind, this was always Sveta. And since then, Sveta has accepted that Serena is straight, but has this mental relationship with Serena, this friendship that has this underlying, "you know what I want to do to you" thing going on.

OK, couldn't serve it, the Sveta, and Serena upped her play to break her. It's not over! Sveta looks frustrated. I do think the longer this match goes, the more of a chance Serena has to win, even though she's behind in the score now. That's just my feeling, that she could wear Sveta down, physically and mentally. I really need to go shower and clean cat pee but I have to watch the end of this set first, right?

Also, I think that Sveta's fall on the clay really helped to unhinge her. I want to wipe that clay out of her hair! She got a ballboy to help wipe some of it off, but she was playing points with clay on her face and she still has it in her hair! I just think that's really distracting to me as a viewer and if I were playing, I would work a bit harder at wiping that off before continuing play.

WHAT A THIRD SET!!! My only problem is they kept showing us the beginning of Monfils and Federer. Now, I am interested in Monfils and Federer, but man- the end of matches is more exciting than the beginnings TV people!!!

Anyway, very cool- maybe Kuzerator will win a slam? Again? I hope so. She's a cutey.

More soon.
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