Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Safina defeats Cibulkova

Yeah Safina!!!! She didn't choke. She started talking to herself too much, but I forgive her. I actually like that about her- her "I'm a crazy emotional Russian!" thing she has going on. I just don't like it when it affects her game super badly, ,and it didn't in this case.

I will say that Cubulkova played well, better than the score showed, and I'm excited to see where she will go with her tennis in the next few years.

Right now I am watching The Kuzerator against Stosur. Brad says, "maybe she could bring the crowd into it" in regard to Stosur being behind in the score. (Kuz won the first set). And you know, that is so Brad. Winning Ugly, the name of his book. I think I read it. I must have? But still, just a nasty way to approach a game. He's so nasty, and yet, I find him amusing and less irritating than, say, Chris Fowler, also known as "the man who has nothing nice to say, or nothing interesting, either."

Which brings me to - Serena disappointed me in her press conference. That said, I hate losing to.

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