Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Safina defeats Azarenka

Well, this is what I see here at the beginning of the second set. Safina, thanks somewhat to the media, feels all the pressure and even if she didn't Azarenka would still be capable of beating her, no doubt, but Safina cannot slow this down or relax.

I hope this changes. I like Azarenka's game- she beat Serena recently and could win this whole thing, unless she experiences some sort of let down, previously written about in regard to Szavay-but I'd like to see Safina perform well. And I hate blowouts.

It's not over yet.

Safina broke! Granted, Azarenka gave her some doubles. Gotta love that she smiled about them. This is a battle of nerves, as is so often the case. It could calm down into a tennis battle. I mean, it is still a tennis battle, as tennis is a mental game, not just a physical game, like all games, even Monopoly, and boxing, and bridge, and football and rock, paper scissors!

OK, Safina is playing MUCH better now. Azarenka's backhand needs to be avoided. Holy Cow. I agree with Martina and Rennae Stubbs here. Although now she just lost a forehand to forehand rally.

Anyhoo. This is no blowout. Thanks Tennis Gods! That said, they are back on serve here and Azarenka just hit a killer down the line winner.

Safina takes the second set! Yeah. Now this is tennis.

I fear Azarenka will come back in the third-and I like her, but I'd like to see Safina win--because they seem to be seesawing a bit here. I am hoping for a long, nasty fight in the third. Like the Jankovic match yesterday. The kind of third set that makes your heart beat fast. I'll report back and let you know what actually happens.

Well! I wouldn't call it a thrilling third set! But I am happy Safina pulled it together and that was really fun to watch. But here's a thought- she won't be able to do it against. Serena. Now, I could be wrong, but mentally, Serena is SO tough in the later matches. In an early match, Serena can lose, but the longer she stays in a match, the harder it is to beat her.

Oh, I love the quarters. The round of sixteen is my favorite day of tennis, but the quarters rock pretty hard.

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