Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sorry On The Baseline News -had to take you off! AND! Kuznetsova Defeats Safina!

RR Here -

Sorry On The Baseline news - we had to take your widget off, because we are always DVR'ing and trying not to see results, and P accidentally saw a little peek, because we have to look at the blog! So, no news widget on the blog. P valiantly hid the fact that she saw the result, from me. She is so thoughtful. I had seen the result of the Fed-Delpo on the ticker in Times Square (@#*^&*@ ! ticker) and I hid it from her for like a day and a half! We try to look out for each other... our life is basically ruled by avoiding people and things to not see results of matches we have DVR'ed... AAGGHH!!!!!

Now we have seen the match - so happy for Sveta, people had really counted her out, and now she is free. Super sad for Safina, she is so cute, first thing she does is thank the ball boys... If she were wearing the teddy bear t-shirt she wore in the Madrid ceremony I think my head would explode! Cute overload.

These Russian ladies are so tight-knit, so sweet to each other, it's really remarkable - similar to the Spanish men, except girly. The Spanish guys are all toughly there for each other, like they swap models and so on. I guess? I really don't know. But we did see Rafa and Feli and David Ferrer all hanging out in Toronto all spanishly.

What is up with Sveta's coach rocking the giant trucker hat?

RR out

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Kim said...

I was also sad to see Safina go down - she was so confident looking right up to the end.