Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Men's Semis - We're Behind!

RR Here -

We are behind and only now just finishing up the Federer-Delpo match. We are in total lockdown so we don't hear the result. Don't say anything!

We are now in the 5th, and Fed seems to be finding the formula. Hey there's Charlotte Gainsbourg i nthe audience! THey didn't say anything, I don't think they know who she is. But let's just say Johnny Mac and Lief are an awesome comentation team. No fronting. It's a commentation demonstration - Gimmel and Fowler and all you douchebags take note!

I am free associating... Federer big chance career slam bla bla bla...

Gonzo and Soderling - Gonzo is a dick, and Soderling is a dick. SO it was the "Pick your Dick" match! P was rooting for Soderling. I didn't really get to watch it. Weirdly, I saw the exact some moment - Soderling shanking an overhead down 1-4 in the 3rd - like 3 times, walking by various TV screens, like in the cafeteria at work. Weird? One moment, frozen in time...

P just said that she is adding Del Potro to the list. He has grown up a bit. He used to be really weird looking, but he is becoming more of a stub. That's what P says. I wouldn't know of course.

4 big hitting power players in the semis - not a dirtballer among them. The little bit of Gonzo-Soderling I saw was like, BOOM, BOOM, then someone steps in and ends the point. Well maybe tat was the 5th set. But it's weird right? 4 big hitters playing a full on power game. Tons of big serving. With the exception of Fed using the drop shot very effectively against Delpo.

HOly crap Fed s up a break in the 5th - alright everyone knows the result already except us - gonna go get caught up! COME ON FED! I like Delpo and I'm not one of those all-fed-all-the-time people, but I am for Fed, YEAH!

RR out

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