Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Saturday, February 28, 2009


But I was a bit drankenstein to post properly. And I had a friend over, who doesn't, um, blog. So I didn't want to be like, hey, I'm just going to open up the computer and write stuff and ignore you, OK? I didn't want to do that.

I had a nice time watching Djokovic beat Simon, although I wanted Simon to win. But it was good tennis. Then, I watched Ferrer dismantle- gosh, that's such a fancy sports tennisy word to use, so appropriate, I can't believe I used it--poor Gasquet. Then I watched Monfils and Acasuso in SOUTH AMERICA- I love South America- but I don't recall the end. Rick Rock full on slept on the couch, so he really doesn't remember. I was smashed and hanging out on the internet, so distracted and well, not sober. It is possible I shut the TV off before the match was over.

Also, I have massive bruise on my triceps, or upper arms, because last thursday, I worked really intensely on these yoga moves, the crow and the side crow. Basically, you balance on your hands and lean your entire body by way of your upper legs, onto your upper arms. It's hard! And cool. Also, I had taken an aspirin and so my blood was thinned which makes you bruise much worse. And I was going to bruise anyway, because I was working hard at it, people. Anywho- I didn't think about it or notice it until AFTER my tennis lesson yesterday. Now, mostly, I am on the opposite side of the court, hitting groundies and so forth. But I worked on my serve with my lovely amazing tennis pro Chris and then, we were, like, standing right next to each other. And he probably noticed the back of my arms covered with bruises. And like, thought, whoooah. What happened to her? If I had known about them, I woulda worn a long sleeve shirt, man. So, next week, I'm going to say, Chris, I was doing side crow!!!! And then I might show him. Or at least really explain. He knows I do yoga. I tried to explain a forearm stand to him once. Anyway, I am sort of embarrassed. But like, not embarrassed enough to call him or anything! I think that would make the whole thing even wierder. Sigh. So I have to wait a week before I can clear this up.

Right now, I am watching Korolev and Rochus in Delray Beach. I am not so involved. I am looking forward to the Mexicali later....Ahhh...(It's really Central America, as Rick Rock pointed out, and he is correct. I love Mexico and all those countries underneath it. How's that?)

Yours Truly,

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tennis is on the Television! Alert! Alert!

We watched the crazy JJ and Mo match yesterday (that would be Jankovic and Mauresmo). What a wierd up and downer, back and forther? Sorry, Rowan, that your girl lost. It was a fun match, though.

Now, we get to watch Rick Rock's personal favorite, Leni against the "girl I might go gay for if I had to, because I was in jail or on an island of only ladies, or something like that", Mauresmo.

Also, people? I am blogging in a different capacity elsewhere and I feel like my brain has had all of it's blogginess blogged out. So, sorry, I haven't been the best Must Watch Tennis All The Time blogger. I feel bad. I love all of you, my readers. And am grateful for you.

More after dinner-

OK, third set. I love Leni. Rick Rock loves Leni. But I think we want the Mo to win in her hometown. Also, why do tennis player ladies- not the men? I think not- smack their thighs when getting "psyched"? Why?! Giddyup! Giddyup! It's like smacking a horse's butt to get them going. But it is a woman smacking her own self. I just saw Leni do it. She doesn't do it so often. Players who do it often? The Pov (Sharapova). Others. Flank smacking. Hmm. A bit wierd. Dulko did it in the Fed Cup. Rick Rock said he thought it was cute. Then he said, I wanted to smack her flank.


Yours Truly,

Monday, February 9, 2009

US Beats Argentina in Fed Cup! Oh well...

RR Here -

As regular readers know, we are kind of big fans of Argentina. For the men's, at least partially because due to Paula's special relationship to David Nalbandian. And now, with Dulko playing for Argentina, I can fully, whole-heartedly join in.

Dulko. Dulko Dulko Dulko.

The commentators, they sometimes speculate about what is going through the players' minds. But they never comment on what must have been going through Dulko's head in both her singles matches. "Oh my God. I am so hot. I feel for these poor American girls, who are not. Yet, I shall beat them! Out of pure hotness." Dulko vs. Oudin was surely a woman,playing a girl...

By the way, not just crazy hot in like a 60's stewardess kind of way, but also having a moment! She played great, despite the ultimate loss here. Also, she really took the first set against Serena in Melbourne. The 2nd serve that she won set point on, but it was called out. But it was actually in! But she didn't challenge. Oh well... Anyway I think Dulko is on her way to a standout year. Er, looking forward to seeing her more?

Huber - suddenly American - que? Obviously a fantastic doubles player - she has a really weird forehand. No backswing, wristy, something weird with the grip - is it a continental grip on the groundstroke? So she doesn't have to change grip on the volley? Or, I can't tell? There is something really weird about it. Suffice it to say, any pro would rip you a new b-hole for hitting like that. Yet it works for her.

Whoops! Dulko just hit it waay out... she is hot when she's mad!

Well there it is. We are happy for Mary Joe, though sad for Argentina. And of course, Dulko. I'm sure she will be well consoled.

RR out

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fed Cup 2009: USA vs. Argentina

Well, it is day two of the Fed Cup and Craybas is getting her butt kicked by the beautiful Gisela Dulko. I was worried that Craybas would get bageled, but no. She got breadsticked, instead. Much better. I saw Craybas beat Venus Williams once, right? That was a wierd match. Venus was spraying balls or something. And Craybas played super tight. Here, now, in Arizona? Craybas is making lots of errors and Dulko looks like she's just feeling it, feeling the tennis gods smiling on her. Feeling Rick Rock smiling on her. Rick Rock thinks she's sexy. She may not be as hot as Fabiana, Canas's ladyfriend, but she's hot for sure. I think her backswing is too big, but hey, she's winning so she shouldn't care what I think.

Yours Truly,

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hi Again! Ladies Final Australia, late, File Under Old News

RR here - Er, we are just watching the ceremony of the ladies final. I accidentally fast-forwarded through the match, which was I think about 15 minutes long. Safina is basically just happy to be there...

Well, someone had said that Serena was not gracious or something, but actually - she was pretty funny and pretty cool - a little casual but it's all ok.

Mary Carillo is obviously, seriously drunk. Take it from someone who knows. P and I have been known to indulge from time to time - so nothing against er drinking in principal. But, we are not on national TV! Yet - BWAH! What was it Mary, 5, 6 Nikolai's? Salad Spinner? Que?

Judging from her commentary, I believe that Mary's personal vice is wine coolers. That shit kind of sneaks up n you - it's all ladylike, and like, fruity, but then whoops! The malt liquor they put in that crap sneaks up on you! Mary - you're not fooling anyone - lay off the wine coolers. If you want to get drunk, drink a real drink for God's sake. Ask Bud what he drinks.

Serena and Dinara, actually kind of cute clowning around up there. But, at the end of the day, has t be said - when was the last women's slam final that didn't suck? Compare and contrast to the Rog/Rafa final. Or don't bother - who cares? It's all good. For years Superbowls - since it's Superbowl Sunday - sucked, and today we had a good one, like last year. So it will come.

By the way, lots of respect to Serena. Sometimes she bugs us, but we have to give her credit - as do you, the reader - she just knuckled down and kicked ass. She is like, back.

Bed time, my elbow hurts. Ow.


Hi! Rafa Wins his First Hardcourt Slam - Roger Breaks Our Hearts

Rick Rock here -

Don't get me wrong - I love Rafa. Very happy for him with this win. Major redemption for his inadequacy here last year against Tsonga. A huge breakthrough for Rafa, especially after the epic match against Verdasco. So very happy for Rafa, this really consolidates his claim to #1 and a standing beyond a clay court specialist who somehow manages to win on grass as well.

As everyone is saying, Roger kind f lost it. It's heartbreaking. As I said we are big Nadal fans but really, at the end of the day, I would have liked to see Rog win. Before the last game we were speculating, was he already crying? There was some eye-wiping - Mirka too. He didn't believe. I think he feels the pressure of the historical thing. His serving was craptastic. That last game reminded me of me, this weekend, at tennis camp, sucking. It was, really , heartbreaking.

More about tennis camp - at Total Tennis in Saugerties, NY. First of all, we had to creep around like lepers trying to not speak to anyone,, so as not to see the result, because we had it DVR'ed.

Wait, we are actually watching the ceremony only now. Unbelievable. These two, both, such great champions and such good people. Really. Just heartbreaking. Er, not sure what else to say. It's a shame that Rafa can't really celebrate his victory. But who couldn't feel for Fed. I believe he lost it in the 3rd set, when he had triple break point and played very tentatively, and Rafa won the game. And he served terribly overall. Nerves.

However I think it's way premature to question whether he can win another slam, as Bud Collins did, ruthlessly, nastily , as is his trademark. This match turned on a few points. Wimbledon last year turned on a few points. There is no question he can win again.

Someday, I hope Rafa can emerge from the shadow of being the guy who deprives Federer of his destiny. And at the same time, I hope Federer can find a way to at least match Sampras , if not exceed him. Maybe that, in fact, is what will allow Rafa to claim his own place, and maybe, someday, surpass the both of them.

Anyway, a few more highlights from our weekend at Totally Tennis -
1. The Nikolai (this is a drink - too many of which were consumed - I had 5 myself - mmm....)
2. 4.5 hours - the amount of sleep our pro, Cal, who is a mad genius, had over the entire weekend
3. Some rather thoughtful, if drunken, discussion of the circumcised v. uncircumcised theory, with several pros, who's individual status was gradually revealed.

By the way, we are also watching the Superbowl. Sort of.

I'm done. Go Rafa - go Roger. Looks like a it'll be a good year.

RR out -

Wait - Late edit - AHH! That catch by Holmes - that is ROCK! GO PITTSBURG!!!!