Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hi! Rafa Wins his First Hardcourt Slam - Roger Breaks Our Hearts

Rick Rock here -

Don't get me wrong - I love Rafa. Very happy for him with this win. Major redemption for his inadequacy here last year against Tsonga. A huge breakthrough for Rafa, especially after the epic match against Verdasco. So very happy for Rafa, this really consolidates his claim to #1 and a standing beyond a clay court specialist who somehow manages to win on grass as well.

As everyone is saying, Roger kind f lost it. It's heartbreaking. As I said we are big Nadal fans but really, at the end of the day, I would have liked to see Rog win. Before the last game we were speculating, was he already crying? There was some eye-wiping - Mirka too. He didn't believe. I think he feels the pressure of the historical thing. His serving was craptastic. That last game reminded me of me, this weekend, at tennis camp, sucking. It was, really , heartbreaking.

More about tennis camp - at Total Tennis in Saugerties, NY. First of all, we had to creep around like lepers trying to not speak to anyone,, so as not to see the result, because we had it DVR'ed.

Wait, we are actually watching the ceremony only now. Unbelievable. These two, both, such great champions and such good people. Really. Just heartbreaking. Er, not sure what else to say. It's a shame that Rafa can't really celebrate his victory. But who couldn't feel for Fed. I believe he lost it in the 3rd set, when he had triple break point and played very tentatively, and Rafa won the game. And he served terribly overall. Nerves.

However I think it's way premature to question whether he can win another slam, as Bud Collins did, ruthlessly, nastily , as is his trademark. This match turned on a few points. Wimbledon last year turned on a few points. There is no question he can win again.

Someday, I hope Rafa can emerge from the shadow of being the guy who deprives Federer of his destiny. And at the same time, I hope Federer can find a way to at least match Sampras , if not exceed him. Maybe that, in fact, is what will allow Rafa to claim his own place, and maybe, someday, surpass the both of them.

Anyway, a few more highlights from our weekend at Totally Tennis -
1. The Nikolai (this is a drink - too many of which were consumed - I had 5 myself - mmm....)
2. 4.5 hours - the amount of sleep our pro, Cal, who is a mad genius, had over the entire weekend
3. Some rather thoughtful, if drunken, discussion of the circumcised v. uncircumcised theory, with several pros, who's individual status was gradually revealed.

By the way, we are also watching the Superbowl. Sort of.

I'm done. Go Rafa - go Roger. Looks like a it'll be a good year.

RR out -

Wait - Late edit - AHH! That catch by Holmes - that is ROCK! GO PITTSBURG!!!!

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