Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Monday, February 9, 2009

US Beats Argentina in Fed Cup! Oh well...

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As regular readers know, we are kind of big fans of Argentina. For the men's, at least partially because due to Paula's special relationship to David Nalbandian. And now, with Dulko playing for Argentina, I can fully, whole-heartedly join in.

Dulko. Dulko Dulko Dulko.

The commentators, they sometimes speculate about what is going through the players' minds. But they never comment on what must have been going through Dulko's head in both her singles matches. "Oh my God. I am so hot. I feel for these poor American girls, who are not. Yet, I shall beat them! Out of pure hotness." Dulko vs. Oudin was surely a woman,playing a girl...

By the way, not just crazy hot in like a 60's stewardess kind of way, but also having a moment! She played great, despite the ultimate loss here. Also, she really took the first set against Serena in Melbourne. The 2nd serve that she won set point on, but it was called out. But it was actually in! But she didn't challenge. Oh well... Anyway I think Dulko is on her way to a standout year. Er, looking forward to seeing her more?

Huber - suddenly American - que? Obviously a fantastic doubles player - she has a really weird forehand. No backswing, wristy, something weird with the grip - is it a continental grip on the groundstroke? So she doesn't have to change grip on the volley? Or, I can't tell? There is something really weird about it. Suffice it to say, any pro would rip you a new b-hole for hitting like that. Yet it works for her.

Whoops! Dulko just hit it waay out... she is hot when she's mad!

Well there it is. We are happy for Mary Joe, though sad for Argentina. And of course, Dulko. I'm sure she will be well consoled.

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