Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hi Again! Ladies Final Australia, late, File Under Old News

RR here - Er, we are just watching the ceremony of the ladies final. I accidentally fast-forwarded through the match, which was I think about 15 minutes long. Safina is basically just happy to be there...

Well, someone had said that Serena was not gracious or something, but actually - she was pretty funny and pretty cool - a little casual but it's all ok.

Mary Carillo is obviously, seriously drunk. Take it from someone who knows. P and I have been known to indulge from time to time - so nothing against er drinking in principal. But, we are not on national TV! Yet - BWAH! What was it Mary, 5, 6 Nikolai's? Salad Spinner? Que?

Judging from her commentary, I believe that Mary's personal vice is wine coolers. That shit kind of sneaks up n you - it's all ladylike, and like, fruity, but then whoops! The malt liquor they put in that crap sneaks up on you! Mary - you're not fooling anyone - lay off the wine coolers. If you want to get drunk, drink a real drink for God's sake. Ask Bud what he drinks.

Serena and Dinara, actually kind of cute clowning around up there. But, at the end of the day, has t be said - when was the last women's slam final that didn't suck? Compare and contrast to the Rog/Rafa final. Or don't bother - who cares? It's all good. For years Superbowls - since it's Superbowl Sunday - sucked, and today we had a good one, like last year. So it will come.

By the way, lots of respect to Serena. Sometimes she bugs us, but we have to give her credit - as do you, the reader - she just knuckled down and kicked ass. She is like, back.

Bed time, my elbow hurts. Ow.



Naf said...

I think Dick Enberg is the drunk. He went on for a minute about Federer facing break points at one point -- and it was 30-all. Yikes.

paula said...

Ha! Yes! I remember that. I forgive him more, and that is not a good thing. He bugs me less. But man, Rick Rock thinks they are having wine coolers? No. Vodka. Vodka on the rocks.