Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Saturday, February 28, 2009


But I was a bit drankenstein to post properly. And I had a friend over, who doesn't, um, blog. So I didn't want to be like, hey, I'm just going to open up the computer and write stuff and ignore you, OK? I didn't want to do that.

I had a nice time watching Djokovic beat Simon, although I wanted Simon to win. But it was good tennis. Then, I watched Ferrer dismantle- gosh, that's such a fancy sports tennisy word to use, so appropriate, I can't believe I used it--poor Gasquet. Then I watched Monfils and Acasuso in SOUTH AMERICA- I love South America- but I don't recall the end. Rick Rock full on slept on the couch, so he really doesn't remember. I was smashed and hanging out on the internet, so distracted and well, not sober. It is possible I shut the TV off before the match was over.

Also, I have massive bruise on my triceps, or upper arms, because last thursday, I worked really intensely on these yoga moves, the crow and the side crow. Basically, you balance on your hands and lean your entire body by way of your upper legs, onto your upper arms. It's hard! And cool. Also, I had taken an aspirin and so my blood was thinned which makes you bruise much worse. And I was going to bruise anyway, because I was working hard at it, people. Anywho- I didn't think about it or notice it until AFTER my tennis lesson yesterday. Now, mostly, I am on the opposite side of the court, hitting groundies and so forth. But I worked on my serve with my lovely amazing tennis pro Chris and then, we were, like, standing right next to each other. And he probably noticed the back of my arms covered with bruises. And like, thought, whoooah. What happened to her? If I had known about them, I woulda worn a long sleeve shirt, man. So, next week, I'm going to say, Chris, I was doing side crow!!!! And then I might show him. Or at least really explain. He knows I do yoga. I tried to explain a forearm stand to him once. Anyway, I am sort of embarrassed. But like, not embarrassed enough to call him or anything! I think that would make the whole thing even wierder. Sigh. So I have to wait a week before I can clear this up.

Right now, I am watching Korolev and Rochus in Delray Beach. I am not so involved. I am looking forward to the Mexicali later....Ahhh...(It's really Central America, as Rick Rock pointed out, and he is correct. I love Mexico and all those countries underneath it. How's that?)

Yours Truly,


R.C. French said...

Hey Paula,

Glad to hear you are watching some tennis, watching tennis is good. Davis Cup is gonna be sweet.

I finally went through the photos I took of the tennis in Auckland. I've put them up on my facebook. I only got shots of the women, so no blurry Ferrero pics I'm afraid, but there are some good shots of Leni in her orange duds. You and Rick Rock should totally facebook add me and check them out. Rowan French is the name.

freakyfrites said...

LOL...glad to know there are fellow obsessed tennis watchers like myself!

Wanna exchange links?


paula said...

Freakyfrites! Yes! Will link you later when I have time to sit down for awhile (in front of davis cup...)