Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Watching Live Scores on the ATP Tennis Website

Well, it is not nearly as fun as watching tennis on TV. In fact, it is vaguely humilating. I start thinking about myself in different ways than when I watch tennis on TV. I start thinking, is something really wrong with me? Don't I have anything better to do? (I used to think this while watching tennis on TV, but now I realize how silly I was, and that watching tennis on TV is perhaps the greatest accomplishment of my life). Is my husband going to divorce me? Should I lie to my husband about what I am doing? (Actually, he is always very happy for me to update him with tennis scores. I give him a call at work, tell him what's up...)

Anyway, people, I am also doing other things today, besides watching live scores on the ATP Tennis website. But I will say this: I hope Nalbandian beats Calleri, and Starace is up a break on Luczak.
Yours Truly,

Sunday, April 27, 2008


OH MY GOD!!! Nadal beat Federer!!!!! Oh wait, it's not a big surprise. It's not a "OH MY GOD". It's what happens, usually.

Here is my fantasy for the future of this 2008 season:
Federer wins the French. He wants to! He's a good tennis player!
Nadal wins Wimbeldon. He wants to! He's a good tennis player, too.

How fun of a 2008 would it be if either of those two things - or especially if both those things - happen??!!??

Then again, in my wilder and wildest dreams, Nalbandian wins his first grand slam, period. Anywhere.

Wait! He could win the US!! Remember when he was a semi-finalist at the US? he beat Federer, and then lost to Roddick? (The crowd was AWFUL. I can't believe he got to 5 in that semi.)

And then all three of my fantasies- regarding these men winning tennis, that is -- could come true.
Yours Truly,

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Power of The Pimple

Well, as I mentioned in the comment section in my previous post, I think that Federer's pimple overpowered Nole (Djokovic), wore him down, and finally, took his breathe away. The pimple's supernatural powers sucked the air right out of Nole's lungs. And that was that.

In a former life, I should have been an esthetician- I would have a field day on that zit! Just ask my former boyfriends, or my current husband! I hope Mirka enjoys the hard work she has ahead of her. Although, it's possible Fed will be like "don't touch it!" Sometimes, my husband says that. He says, "it's not ready." Now, Fed's pimple is BEYOND ready. It seems to exist in a universe all its own- maybe Pluto wasn't a planet and is a moon, or maybe it's Fed's pimple? OR- Perhaps Mirka already squeezed it? And it got worse? This sometimes happens.

But- tennis. Now, I used to defend Nole when he retired for breathing problems when I heard he had had surgery to correct a deviated septum. BUT- I feel he should have finished the second set here. I am disappointed with his professionalism. It's not quite as awful as the time Henin retired to Mauresmo at the final of the Australian, because it wasn't the final, but if it had been the final, I would have been really, really mad. Once Nalbandian retired against Fed at the French- in the semis? But he was INJURED, not suffering from an ongoing condition. And - five sets?- that's different. He could have really hurt himself. All Nole had to do here was play two (or three) more games. And he didn't do it. And so he did the wrong thing.

Then again, I believe he is nineteen. Maybe twenty? And when I was that age, all I ever did was do the wrong thing! Like, screw around with loser guys and smoke and party and sometimes go to college! So, he did the wrong thing, but not as wrong as the things I did at his age. And he does do the right thing sometimes, he really does. Like be a successful tennis player and sometimes he loses graciously after playing out a whole match. So who am I to judge? Man, when I was nineteen, I was noooo professional tennis player.
Yours Truly,

Friday, April 25, 2008

Federer's Pimple

Pimple? Cyst? Acne Cyst? My guess is during the press conferences at Monte Carlo, no one will ask him what's goin' on. Can you imagine, "Roger, did Mirka hit you? Do you need help?" No direspect meant here, I'm just trying to be cheeky. And I like his pimple, like I like Karlovic's stutter, like I love Gabashvili's acne scars- as you all know, from reading posts that touch on those matters. I love the weaknesses in tennis players- I love when these fine specimens show their humanity.

But I hate when my DVR shows its humanity. It didn't record the whole six and a half hours. Regardless, I sit here at cocktail hour, watching Federer hold to make it 3/2, on serve, in the third.

Now, again, because you all know how I feel about David, I am a little irritated with him for not winning the second set and for not beating Federer for the 9th time by winning the second set. But- I am also not surprised! Nalby not closing it out? No surprise there. I love him, I hate him, he frustrates me, and so on and so forth.

But one thing I must share with you all. You think- she just sits there watching tennis whilst drinking cocktails. But actually, in the room where I watch tennis, there is a major crisis. The overwhelming smell of cat pee and - ok, this is gross, cat poo - has been ruining our week. I have two very old cats. Fifteen years old, the two of them, brothers. And we can't find WHERE IT IS. I mopped, I scrubbed, I cleaned the window, I went through the closet - I sniffed the goddamn bookshelf - where oh where is it?

I've lit scented candles. I've done everything. I give up. I am instead watching Nalby getting broken here in the sixth game. Someone called out, from the crowd? That's what the commentators say? That's his excuse for getting broken? Goddamn.

OK. I leave you now to be mad while I watch the rest of this match.
Yours Truly,

Tennis as Lullaby, Part 2

I have been watching a lot of Monte Carlo on the Tennis Channel, but, oddly, have little to say about it. That is because I have often been falling asleep while I watch. This is one of my favorite things to do - fall asleep while watching tennis. But it doesn't make for good comprehension of the matches.
The one match where I didn't fall asleep was Federer v. R. Hidalgo. How messed up was that third set! Hidalgo choked. Federer stopped making tons of errors. But - wierd stuff! I loved it.
Also, I have caught little bits of Nalbandian playing really well. I have him, in my raquest bracket, winning the whole thing. Rick Rock, my guest blogger, has Nadal winning. Gasquet, Ferrer and Djokovic look real good out there, too. So it should get intense.
Oops. I just turned on the quarters- Gasquet lost to Querrey! I'm a bit disappointed in that- Gasquet is really, really attractive. He has that young boy/man thing that makes me want to initiate him into the world of adult life. Then again, he's French, so he's probably been sleeping with older women since he was fourteen.
But what is up with someone speaking Italian to me? The Tennis Channel is picking up some wierd feed.
Today is the quarters- things could really heat up! I could maybe not fall asleep. We'll see.
Yours truly,

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Dream about Nalbandian and Starace

I have watched some tennis lately and have not been blogging about it. I was travelling, so I wasn't able to watch as much tennis as I'd have liked, but I did see Nalbandian lose to Fish. I watched the great Serena and Kuznetsova match, and the Serena and Jankovic match, not as fun as the Kuzy match, but fun nevertheless. I missed most of Rafa losing to the Dav.

But last night I had a great dream that I think has to do with summer coming up -it's time to make a plan to go to Canada! - that involved being at a hotel with my kids and Nalbandian and Starace (although it wasn't really Starace, but it was really really Nabandian.)

More soon-
Yours Truly,