Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Sunday, April 27, 2008


OH MY GOD!!! Nadal beat Federer!!!!! Oh wait, it's not a big surprise. It's not a "OH MY GOD". It's what happens, usually.

Here is my fantasy for the future of this 2008 season:
Federer wins the French. He wants to! He's a good tennis player!
Nadal wins Wimbeldon. He wants to! He's a good tennis player, too.

How fun of a 2008 would it be if either of those two things - or especially if both those things - happen??!!??

Then again, in my wilder and wildest dreams, Nalbandian wins his first grand slam, period. Anywhere.

Wait! He could win the US!! Remember when he was a semi-finalist at the US? he beat Federer, and then lost to Roddick? (The crowd was AWFUL. I can't believe he got to 5 in that semi.)

And then all three of my fantasies- regarding these men winning tennis, that is -- could come true.
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Ian B said...

what if Federer and Djokovic make it to the final at the French and Nole bows out as soon as Federer gets his first match point (injured pride?), robbing Roger of a clean win? That would be drama gold!!!!

paula said...

After really understanding that the Djoker retired in the match "because of a sore throat", I am a bit angry with him. Sore throat?! Finishing a match with a sore throat isn't going to send you to rehab or to the hospital or whatever! He did the wrong thing. Bad boy!

So if Fed and Djok were to make it to the French final, and Djok doees his "I retire thingy", I say that we all get to put him through a spanking machine! A spanking machine the length of Serbia!