Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Murray Beats Del Potro - John McEnroe, Like R. Crumb, is Obsessed with People's Thighs

RR guest blogging:

Holy Crap! These guys are good at tennis! I have to say, this is a really good Open. There have been a lot of really nice battles - this one, Djokovic and Cilic (I have never seen anyone smack the ball as hard as... both of them towards the end. Just absolutely all out), Fed and Andreev, etc., etc, It's cool at the open when it gets late and the crowd gets drunk and kind of crazy and the players are just strung out and desperate. It's like the match is being played in the the 14th street subway station at 4AM! Anything can happen...

We are on the ladies, that's right, Serena and Venus, and immediately Johnny Mac is talking about Venus' thighs. Interestingly, because actually Serena is the more thigh-tastic of the two. He never stops talking about the ol' thighs. Not just the ladies by the way - he was eagerly anticipating Cilic's thighs filling out the other night. He couldn't wait! Of course, I've heard him piratically fall out of his chair talking about Leni's thighs - understandably. He just used the word "discombobulated", which made Paula happy. Anyway, Johnny Mac probably believes that the name of tennis should be changed to "thighball". He may be right, by the way, he knows a thing or two about it... both tennis and thighs. Some of those old pictures of him in the short shorts?? The original Thighmaster.

Back to the match - everyone says it's a shame the William's girls are meeting in the quarters. I dissent, because I think in a quarter final the stakes are HIGHER than a final. In the final, one gets to win but the other is the runner up. Here, the loser is out and the winner could, and very well may, go all the way. So you know they both want to win. Makes it interesting, although I sympathighs (whoops!) with them, it must be tough.

Back to the action - signing off, Rick Rock

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