Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kanepi is Tipsarevic's Female Double and Leni v. Safina

That's right- the glasses, the slightly wierd vibe. The good tennis. She doesn't have Doesteveski tattoos on her. but still.

I'm hoping that Kuzi pulls this one out, though.

Leni took the first set against Safina- so we are all happy here. Oh, my, they just showed Maxim Afinogenov in the audience, Leni's boyfriend. He is HOT. Martina Navratilova says, "that'll put a little pep on your step." Rick Rock and I theorize that Leni has been playing A LOT better since getting the good loving from Maxim, a forward for the Buffalo Sabres. Tennis and Hockey are my favorite sports. Gretzky has a tennis court in his backyard! They have a relation- OK, in tennis, fights rarely break out. But something about the arm motion. Gretzky claims to have a mean backhand because of his hockey skills.

Oh, man, they showed Maxim again, clapping for his lovely lady as she broke Safina. Fine, fine speciman. I feel like I can tell he really cares about his lady and that it is real, deep relationship. Unlike, for instance, Roddick picking his fiancee out of a Sports Illustrated magazine and having his agent call hers. No, these Russians have SOUL.

Best point of the day. And there is Maxim, he is sooooo proud of his girl. Oh my God, I'm so touched. I also am on my third glass of wine. I also ate a huge quantity of St. Andre cheese with crackers, which, I think, has given me the sniffles. Too much cheese! It's given me congestion. But DAMN! These ladies are playing such great tennis.

WAAAAH! Now Leni is down 0.5. I am the saddest lady in Brooklyn. F-ing F! They just showed Maxim. Don't show the poor guy! While his lady is so down. WAAAH!

Yours Truly,

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