Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ivanovic v. Shnyder and Gulbis v. Djokovic

Well, Shnyder is not going to win this one, sadly. I like her. I like her wacky groundstrokes and her athletism. Does anyone have a bigger backswing? NO. It's thecraziest biggest backswing. But Ana is just outhitting her. Oh well.

Here's is Patty very very waacky website about her self help book:

Gulbis can beat the Nole. He can! it doesn't mean that he will, though. Did you people see Nole hitting the ball in anger and wacking the linesman in the stomach? I don't think he intended to do that, but as gimmelstob says, it's an automatic default. At least the chair should have said something. And Nole should have apologized. Hmm. I'm not one of his haters, but I'm unhappy with him right now. As I have been before.

Oh, poo, Nole won the first set. It aint' over yet.

Well now it's over. And neither player I wanted to win won. And Nadal is making Amagro look BAD. I think it's nerves? Becausee Almagro is a not a bad player.

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