Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Italian Tennis Players

Rick Rock here -

I have a couple of things to say about Italian tennis players.

First, they are actually French! Bartoli? Razzano? I am so confused. Those girls, if they want to be French, they should be called Bartoleau and Resanne or something like that. I mean, I understand that there can be an American player named Capriati because we are the great melting pot. But France and Italy, they need to try harder than that to be different, they are very close to eachother, it's too confusing.

Second, if they aren't French, Italian players are likely to be German! Or vikings... Visigoths left over from the sack of Rome maybe? Karin Knapp - HELLO?? She is not even TRYING to seem Italian. That name? Being a giant blond girl who looks like her horned helmet jsut fell off accidentally on the way out to the court? Or Seppi? "Seppi" sounds kind of Italian, but whoops! Who's the big blond dude? Oh, Seppi.... the er, Italiam player. THe one who just stepped off the longboat.

Of course, I am generalizing... Penneta and Schiavone are two of my favorites who are blatantly Italian. But still - it had to be said.

Signing off - RR


R.C. French said...

You're right, Italian players should try to have names that sound outrageously Italian, like Potito Starace, the man with the coolest name in tennis. He was going to play in Auckland this year but got suspended for tennis betting instead. What is it with the Italian players and gambling?

Ampersand said...

I didn't know that! yes he has a very mobster name...

paula said...

Mobster? Rick Rock! I guess the betting thing goes with mobster...How about "a guy who could model for Armani name"? That man is HOT. He is so on my list. But I liked him better before his haircut.

Anonymous said...

Great work.