Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Monday, June 2, 2008

Elena Dementieva's wierd shorts under her great yonex dress

We love Leni here. I'm glad to see her up a break here in the third against Zvonareva. But, as we know, Leni gets broken a lot. So one break? No guarantees.

Now I'm watching Ginepri v. Gonzalez. Gonzo is up a set and a break. I actually want Ginepri to win, but I am not sure he can. gonzo is looking good. Gonzo goes out with the lovely Dulko and I like them as a couple. But I've seen Gonzo on back court matches in Canada and he throws around a lot of attitude- not my favorite thing to see. So- Go Ginepri! It's not over yet. I also like how honest Ginepri has been about seeing a sports psychologist. He has some serious mental issues with his tennis games and he deals with them and right now- is overcoming them. As you all know, I love vulnerability in a player. I find it endearing. Yeah! Ginepri just broke back! Go Robby!

Leni is up 4.0! Gimmelstob commented that he hopes Leni's great result doesn't start a trend of "spandex underskirts" which is- well. What are those gray things she's wearing under her cute dress? I think it is a thigh wrap thing- a support thing. So good for her for taking care of her muscles? But it's not a good look, I agree with Gimmelstob. That said, her groundstrokes are my absolute FAVORITE on the whole women's tour. Rick Rock gave me a Yonex dres for my birthday. I plan on prancing around in it whilst faking a Russian accent. We'll see what happens then.

Well, Leni didn't manage to serve it out. But hey, she's up 5.2. And Vera is getting all emotional! I love it. Leni is cracking winners. But I also noticed wierd bandaids on her chest and back? Anybody know what those are? That and her little undershort thing? Hmm. Now, they were talking about all the unforced errors. Yes, but there at the end? Some NICE winners. Go Leni! Pulled it out!

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