Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Indian Wells 2009!!!!

I have been a bad blogger. This week, I should be able to watch a ton of tennis, but the thing is- I am blogging elsewhere (not about tennis, about, uh, "writing) and I feel so blogged out! I need Rick Rock's help, but he has this silly thing called a job. Sigh.

I am watching Chardy v. Fish. Chardy won the first set and I thought this would be closely played tennis and so far it has been. Chardy is a youthful (and super hot) 22 year old; his best tennis is ahead of him, I like to think.

OK, See what I mean? My brain has been sucked dry from that other blog!!! Anyway, maybe more soon?

I'm back!
One thing: My almost ten year old and I were arguing about the Chardy/Fish match. I said, I know Chardy is ranked lower, but he's really young and his best tennis is ahead of him. He could win this match. And Cheesewad sniffed at me. He said, Fish has been 17 in the world. Anyway, Chardy won! I showed Cheesewad who was who! Gosh, you should see me when I beat him at arm wrestling! Just kidding. I never arm wrestle Cheesewad, although I did once arm wrestle his older brother, I do think Nole might step it up and start the whomp. But - I never discount the Argentines, because I love them. In other words, even though I am not a Nole hater, I would love to see the upset here.

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