Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jankovic vs. Ivanovic in the year-end championships: Cave GIrl vs. Space Girl

Rick Rock here -

We're watching Jankovic vs. Ivanovic in the WTA year-end championships - early round robin. First of all, it's probably been said but Doha? I think the WTA is too greedy. Clearly they got a ton of money to help prop up the Gulf state's image, but... first of all, it's insanely hot - Ivanovic looks like she is going to barf. Second, there is no atmosphere, the stands are half empty so far as I can tell! Not enough fans! It's like the Kremlin cup - all the seats seemed to be reserved for people with connections who don't show up - the place is empty during the final! Between two Russians! WTF?? Contrast with the Paris event which just finished up - 15k French people going absolutely apeshit!!! So anyway - what was wrong with Madrid? Other than money for the WTA and it's execs of course...

So here we are and Ivanovic is wearing like a kind of Pebbles-y purple dress with like tattered edges... like a cave girl! Meanwhile, JJ is wearing a tight, gray dress with a Star Trek-y block pattern - like an Space girl! Cool! Still Halloween in Doha...

BTW there is a rumor on Facebook in the Verdasco group that he is hooked up with Ivanovic... and there he is in the stands. watching her Go figure...

Signing off - Rick Rock

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