Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Spain Wins!

Rowan here again, following up.

So Spain won. They weren’t the favourites going in but they pulled it off, and they always had a chance didn’t they. They’re a talented bunch those Spaniards, it’s a good group. Paula will be a little disappointed, she is a big David Nalbandian fan after all. But I know she likes Feliciano Lopez and Fernando Verdasco so I imagine she’ll be happy for them. That was the cool thing about this tie for me, the emergence of those two as heroes. Davis Cup makes heroes more than any tour event does, with the whole individual effort for the team’s sake thing. For Lopez and Verdasco this has got to be like Christmas, on par with a Grand Slam even. They must be feeling very, very buena.

So not much tennis for a while right? I know the players deserve the time off, heck, everybody knows they deserve a longer off season than what they get. Still, it will be a quiet few weeks without tennis. On the plus side, the 2009 season is going to be fascinating. I’m hoping for Roger Federer and New Zealand’s Marina Erakovic to win a lot of tournaments, one of which is slightly more likely to happen than the other. But, like the Spain Argentina tie proved, nobody knows what's going to happen. That’s why we watch the matches.


paula said...

Rowan! You rock ROCK CITY for posting. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

Yeah, I was really really really sad because Argentina has never won it and Spain has but yes--Verdasco and Lopez are now heros and GOD KNOWS I worship them. Sigh. So emotional, though. David is my imaginary husband so it just hurt badly. Del Potro is just plain injured nad youthful and Lopez used his maturity and it all worked for him. The doubles loss and the Verdasco win were more confusing- but yeah, tennis! You never know.

Your local tournament starts soon! I will be reading and commenting on your blog throughout! You are the BEST Rowan!

R.C. French said...

Hey Paula! Hope you had a fun time away. Yeah the tennis is coming up, the whole country will have tennis fever. Actually I was hoping I could blog about the Auckland tournies here on your blog. That's cool with you? I'll totally get all the scoops.

paula said...

Rowan! I would be so honored for you to blog about Auckland here! I heart you. You can also post the same posts on both blogs, but yeah, it'll be great! Looking forward, my man.