Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Monday, November 10, 2008

Simon Defeats Federer!!!

Simon just played the most ass kicking game to take the second set! My house stinks like cat- farts! One of my kittens has really bad gas. Isn't that wierd?

Federer is a bit nervous. Shit, Leif just said that Simon seems like he is "part Kenyon" and that he could "run forever". That was funny. But now there is this really long silence, like, oops, maybe that was racist? Anhwho, I am just glad that Fed won the US Open. Oh wait, is this Justin Gimmelstob? He is the man who always says the wrong things. This could be- besides good tennis- interesting commentary. I did just like how Gimmelstob said that Federer is now the victim of "unrealistic expectations." That is so true. People want to hate on him and talk about how he is over, but the reality is -- how great and dominant he was?- it was abnormal and bizarre and out of league with most any other tennis players that ever players. Notice I say most. Not all.

Whoah. Simon played SOOO well to win that match. Mr. Pipsqueak! The young up and comer! Awesome tennis.

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Oryem said...

Why racist? Simon is skinny like a Kenyan long distance runner And he has the stamina too. Maybe that body type is good for such.

paula said...

Yeah, I thought it was OK, it was the silence afterward that made think maybe you can't talk about what "great runners" Africans are. That said, Kenyans are great runners for a variety of ethnic-country related reasons. Just like various people can digest dairy and others can't, depending on ethnic background/genes. It just doesn't always go over well when refering to this stuff on TV.

BTW- I have not been my comments emailed to me! Gotta fix it. thanks for posting oryem.