Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Quarterfinals of The Madrid Masters 2008

Today was a day when I should have watched tennis- there are only four matches?! - but I was really out of it and hungover and distracted. Also, I think I was a little sad inside still about Nalby's loss to Del Potro.

Right now, I am watching Nadal v. F-Lo. Nadal took the first set, and it is the beginning of the second. This is the best surface for Feli - fast surfaces are really his thing -- but Nadal is too tough.

Soon, I will be driving upstate. We are taking the kittens with us-- last time we did that, it was fun. The big old cats hate to travel- our trusted cat sitter will take care of them for a couple of days.

Right now, what is freaking me out, is Nadal's amazing concentration. He, like Fed, is so inside of his own head. Nothing rattles him. Feli, on the other hand, you could see worrying about, like, how his hair looks. Anyway, maybe that's not fair, but what I really mean to say is, most people- me, for instance- -do not have that insane concentration. Nadal IS focus. It's cool to watch. Also, these dudes? Good friends. I've seen them out for dinner in Canada (with Ferrer and some others...)

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