Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day Two of the Madrid Masters

I sit now in front of 8 taped hours of tennis and feel overwhelmed. I think I need a tennis nap, a wonderful, fuzzy, happy thing, that can be read about here:

Someone posted on my Fernando Verdasco fan group on facebook, "Is Nando going out with Ana Ivanovic?" Anyone with news on that, I'd love to hear from you.

Oh Man, Matthieu lost and I had him winning. Monfils won, which is great. Granollers is no joke, the man who beat Matthieu and this is the problem with the Masters: the dudes who qualify are usually really great players. It's because it's so much smaller than the Grand Slams. So I always stick one "quali" win at least in my picks. I do that during the slams, too, because it has to happen at least once during the over 100 matches played. Just a little insight into how I make my picks on the ATP site. Remember when I was NUMBER ONE??!! And then I wasn't.

MOYA v. Kohlschreiber!! I heart MOYA. Maybe I won't nap. Hmm. We'll see.

Well, that was quick. Moya looked postively ashamed. Man, I wish I could be there to make him feel better. He's so insanely gorgeous I could die thinking about it.

And then Blake going down to Simon? My raquet bracket is a mess.

Now, we have the aforementioned Verdasco playing Cilic, Please, God, the same God that made an Argentina/Spain Davis Cup final, please make Verdasco win. And I like Cilic, but still.

(Soon to come! A lengthy, descriptive review of the ATP Calendar and the various naked chests in it. )

WHAT THE F???!!!
Verdasco lost so quickly. Good lord. Barftastic. Cilic is no joke -- soon to be a top tenner-- but still. Bad day for Spain. I'm just full on sad. That's all there is to say about that.

Now, here is something wierd. My husband just explained to me that a man like Verdasco would not go out with "an Ana Ivanovic". To which I replied, "What? You mean she's not hot enough for him? She's beautiful!" And then he did this secret male, nod-his-head thing. I mean, I beg to differ. When Moya was going out with Pennetta, which went on for years, my husband never said boo about that. So I am confused. For some reason, I got wierded out.

Murray vx. Bolelli.
I think this is gonna be a quick one.

Also, my house smells like cat pee. Today, I took Jake to the vet. I want to put him on cat prozac, which I have read about online, to make him stop peeing everwhere. My vet gave me a prescription but warned me it doesn't help at all for many cats. Then we looked at X-rays that he took of Toby in August when I was in Alaska. Man, that stressed me out. But I sit here, with Toby very happy next to me. Yes, he is old and frail, like Jake (although Jake is hefty and Toby has been losing weight), but he does not seem in pain, even though he has some wierd thing next to, or attached to, his heart. OK, that made me sad. It might just be a wierd fat pocket, that's what the vet said. Anyway.

Quick is one thing, but a bagel? I hate bagels. Once, I liked one bagel in all my life- Davenport bagelling Sharapova at the year end championships. But otherwise, I hate bagels. I look away, disturbed and unhappy.

Ok, we have Bolelli retiring here. Where is the good match??!! HELP! My brain hurts.

Yours Truly,

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