Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lopez v. Montanes and Many More Matches and NALBANDIAN WINS!!

Montanes looks like- Freddie Mercury!!! Right? I mean, he's a dead ringer for the fantastic, late lead singer of Queen. And then there is Feli Lopez, F-Lo, Feli, the poster boy for metrosexuals everywhere, a pretty boy who manages to not lose one ounce of his macho Spanishness while being so pretty. Damn, I'm just sitting here with my mouth wide open, bewildered by the fineness of Feli. Anyone know anything about Joma, his clothing line? I heard something about it, but I forgot.

OK, skip ahead to- Granollers losing to Tsonga. Man, that was a tough third set.

AND NOW!!!!----Nalbandian has to beat Berdych- he has so many points to defend! I played with his raquet today. I'm demoing his Yonex. Sigh. I love him.

Every time my huge ass TV screen gets close up to Nalby's face--it's just so intense and real and feeling--I get super happy. I also clench up, oddly, with all this emotion. I love his close set eyes, his huge nose. I will be frank- I most likely will not buy his Yonex raquet.

I feel like one of my cats peed on my chest. Where is it? The pee? We bought this blue-light urine finder thing on Amazon. I'll let you know how that goes. I also got a prescription for kitty prozac but my vet wasn't optimistic about that helping with the peeing. He said, "read whatever you want online..I would know." I sort of believe him. But I'll try anything.

Well, Berdych took the second set. But man, did Nalby come out firing in the third. He just missed a shot here in the third game and said "puta madre" which is a very nasty curse in Spanish. I wanted him to win it in 2- but that would be very un -Davidy! He likes to suffer, and I like to suffer alongside him.

All David now. Oh YES! That final winner? Nice handshake. David always gets the nice handshake- or almost always. Man, I am so happy. Maybe I'll go post on the Nalbandian facebook group, you know, share the joy.

Yours Truly,

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