Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Del Potro defeats Nalbandian

I was having a really nice tennis nap during the Simon v. Ginepri affair ( I don't know who won yet) and when I woke, Nalbandian, my hero, was playing Del Potro.

Now, I know that Del Potro can beat Nalbandian. But I also know that Nalbandian can beat anybody on a good day. So, in my raquet bracket, I picked Nalby.

And here he is, down a set and a break. These guys are Davis Cup teammates. The Spanish and Argentine tend to be close, friendly. (Except for Coria, supposedly, who no one could deal with, but that could be a lie.) But according to the announcers, these two are not friends. And I saw Del Potro NAIL Nalby at the net- went right at him. This is legit play, of course, but Nalby gave him a bit of a look afterward. And then the announcers mentioned that Del Potro wouldn't even LOOK at Nalby during the coin toss.

Now, I don't care if they like each other or not. I just want my long nosed, close-set eye, love of my life, to win, like I know he can, even though he is down a set and a break. Sigh.

Oh, poo. And they didn't show the handshake. They only showed the tale end of it- it looked OK? I like the way Del Potro thanks God- blows a kiss the heaven and/makes the sign of the cross. But beyond my raquet bracket being totally screwed beyond all repair, I am so sad for my guy. My guy! He lost. Waaaah.

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