Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Monday, October 13, 2008

The First Day of the Madrid Masters, 2008

Darcis v. Fish. Did Darcis qualify to play Fish? I think I would have picked Darcis over Fish and I would have been wrong, but I think it was just a blank "quali" on the sheet, so I picked Fish. I am washing sheets that were forgotten about, wet, in a washing machine, for two weeks. It's not pleasant. Also, I wish Fish would just close this out, so maybe some hot Spanish guy would come out and play and cheer me up. For some reason, I need cheering up today. It's not just the sheets, either. Hmm.

Bolelli v. Almagro. Thanks Fish, for getting your scraggly mug off the telly and letting the bull-like Almagro grace the screen. This should be a good match. I'm running the sheets through another cycle- they had brown stuff on them. I think it was mildew. I do think of Almagro as a clay courter and this is a very fast indoor hard court. Just seeing the stadium makes me all gooey and sad. I loved my weekend there, four years ago? I think it was four years ago. It's a lovely indoor stadium, the main court. (The other ones are not so great). The food is fantastic. The audience claps for winners, even for the opponent of their Spaniards (although there was that scandalous Nadal v. Berdych match...I think it can get partisan, but I'm speaking from my experience there years ago.)

Well, that was quick. Wow. Bummer. Bolelli beat him pretty handily there in the second set.

Now we have Andreev- who I think has the most fantastic spinny forehand next to Nadal- vs. Simon, who is no joke. Andreev is an honorary Spaniard- he studied tennis in Spain, speaks Spanish fluently, and I've seen him hanging out with Ferrer and others during my yearly Canada sojourns. I'm hoping for Andreev here, and so far, my hopes are being met.

Well, that second set was what the F? Here's goes the third. Come on Andreev! Pretty sleepy atmosphere there. Too bad I'm not there, drinking Spanish beer, singin "Ole, Ole', ole..."and causing scandal.

I like this tight third set. I do wish the TV did just a bit of justice to Andreev's crazy ass forehand. It does not. It is one of the wierdest, truly unconventional shots I've seen live. They are in a tie break. This is good. Andreev just hit a winner for a mini-break. Well, there goes that. That's why they call it mini. It's a tiny thing that can go away easily. Man, Andreev just STEPS IN. It's such a cool thing to see. Oops. But he missed that one. Oh, man, these last few points. Finally -I feel ENGAGED. 7/7 in the third set tiebreak. Love it. Napolean vs. The Tsars..oh wait, I mean a Frenchman vs. a Russian. Anyone read War and Peace? It was about Napolean and Russia. It is my favorite book in the world.

Oh, poo. Andreev lost. I'm going to go sulk and do housework for a bit.

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