Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Friday, October 31, 2008

Nalbandian defeats Murray

Nalbandian against Murray! AG! The quarters! Woohoo! I don't say this often, but I have said it to myself before, and perhaps not shared it here. Or maybe I have. But I watched too much tennis yesterday. Now, one can also argue there is no such thing as watching too much tennis. But what happens is (and I think Rick Rock talked about this once more amusingly than me) - all the matches start blurring together. But maybe that's not the tennis's fault, but the vodka's fault? Hmm. Or the combination.

Nalbandian looks so handsome. I love his yellow Yonex shirt. See, and Murray (not a favorite here) has the decency to make eye contact at the net here, during the coin toss. Unlike the immature Del Potro.

Nalby breaks, Murray tosses a raquet. Murray breaks back. Waah.

Wow. Fantastic point won by my man. He covered so much ground, played such great defense, and then won with a dropper. NICE. But then, what does he do? Doube faults. Maybe he was tired after that last point.

Tiebreak time. If I don't eat something soon, I may faint. But it's a tiebreak! Minibreak for Nalby. They keep showing the concerned, very pretty face, of Murray's ladyfriend. Be concerned, ladyfriend. My intense love for Nalby is somehow being channeled toward Nalby and helping him win. Yeah, I'm not there like you, offering my concerned face to my man. But my vibes are so strong and powerful and, like, move through the universe, and land right in Nalby's heart. I love it- Murray's talking to himself. Yes, talk to yourself. Berate yourself. Get all grumpy. Murray can really be mentally not-tough. Nalby has a set point. Oops. Didn't do it. Now he did! YEAH!

Second Set. Up a break. Man, I need something to make me happy today. Please Nalby, pull this off. For me? Cause I've had a tough week. And today is halloween which my boys love, but is stressful for me. You see, we live in a neighborhood where some teenagers can be very very rude on Halloween. And I saw this skit once on Saturday Night Live about some woman in the Bronx talking about grown-ups with no costumes ringing her bell and asking for candy. Now, in the skit, everyone laughs at that. The audience laughs. But I didn't laugh. It happens in my hood. And it's not funny. It's sort of awful. And a bit infuriating.

But I digress. Nalby is up a break here! I am so happy. I'm not going to worry about mean teens and inappropriate grown-ups.

Nalby is having trouble serving it out. Thank God he has two breaks. I will bet some small change that he has better luck breaking Murray rather than serve it out? There goes it. He done got broken. Effing F. Nalby is playing well here, though. Good. Match point. Damn, Nalby played that last point well. OH YES! What a point. Did you see how great Nalby was at the net? SUCH A GENTLEMAN. Man, I am so glad that all my love shooting through the universe to Nalby's gorgeous soul worked.

Yours Truly,

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