Me, Watching Tennis

Me, Watching Tennis
Me, Watching Tennis

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nalbandian Defeats Del Potro, Paris Masters 2008

I am so happy Nalby beat Del Potro last week in Basel. Watching Nalby lose in Madrid was a bad day for me. And remember how I blogged how there was no love lost between these two, according to the announcers, and witnessed by me when Del Potro went STRAIGHT at my love-of-my-life? And hit him? The commentators in Madrid stated that Del Potro wouldn't look at Nalby during the coin toss. So you know what? I paid special attention to the coin toss just now. Del Potro did not- WOULD not- make eye contact. And you know what? There was Nalby, looking straight at his Davis Cup teammate, and honestly, I think Nalby looked forlorn. Like, what is the problem? Why are we not friends?

I say this cause Nalby is such good friends and has such great sportmanlike relationships with so many of the players- Ferrer, Ferrero, Moya, Nadal, an so on. Honestly, I think this is a sign of Del Potro's youth. Nadal even- the wonderful Nadal- did some stuff when he was eighteen that he doesn't do anymore, like take injury time out when the other dude has a break point against him. He grew up.

Anyway, Nalby is up a break here. And I guess what I am saying is that these two wonderful Argentine guys were friendlier.

Also, Nalby's raquet that I demoed? I didn't buy it. I wonder if Nalby tricks his out. I found it a bit light. I bet he lead tapes it. I hear all the pros trick out thier raquet. I bought Feli Lopez's Wilson. It's a lot heavier than my old Wilson. I hope my arm can handle it, cause it gets nice pop.


Nalbandian Wins the First Set! With an ace, no less. This is a pretty subdued match, after Tsonga's freaking-out last night. But, man, it's my Nalby.

Oh yes, this second set is going quickly. I feel that Del Potro is burned out, and possibly, his toe injury is really truly affecting his play. Man, getting toenails removed? That's what they say is going to happen. Gross. Tennis players' feet? Gross. I hate it when they do a close up on their feet. I try to look away.

Good Lord, the dreaded bagel. Del Potro looked exhausted. And Nalby at the net? So kind, so wonderful. I worship him. Really. I have a shrine with a candle.

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